A Day at Bushwood

I spent three years of my youth as a caddy at a country club in suburban Chicago, and this was in the days before the release of “Caddyshack.” As anyone who ever caddied will tell you, there is a lot more truth in that movie than you’d think.

Today the Caps will convene for their annual golf tournament, The Caps Care Classic. I’ll be heading down and spending 18 holes with an as-yet-to-be-determined member of the Caps. I don’t golf anymore, but it’s still enjoyable for me to caddy. I went with Matt Pettinger a couple years ago, and he came as close to a hole-in-one as anyone I’ve ever seen on a course.

Being on the course on a day as gorgeous as this will help to quickly kill one of the last remaining days until the start of the season. The long summer is finally almost behind us, and the 82-chapter book that is the regular season beckons. I was encouraged and heartened by what I saw from the Caps during the preseason. This team has certainly improved and I believe it can compete for a playoff spot, with more upside beyond that.

Of course, there are still some personnel decisions to be made before the Caps take the ice in Atlanta on Friday for the opening night contest of the 2007-08 season. Eric Fehr will be placed on injured reserve. Nothing needs to be done one way or the other with Jakub Klepis because he is not under contract. He did not make the team, though, and his impending departure leaves 15 forwards. There are eight defensemen as well, meaning at least two Capitals need to be reassigned by some means in the next day-plus.

As I was coming off the course two years ago, Nate Ewell beckoned to me. I went over, and he quietly told me that the Caps had acquired left wing Jeff Friesen from the Devils for a third-round draft pick. I went upstairs to grab the laptop and start writing about it. It wouldn’t shock me at all if I were to come off the course to news of another deal on tournament day this fall.

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4 Comments on “A Day at Bushwood”

  1. Mark Says:

    Mike –

    is Flash signed? If not, does it have to be done before tomorrow?

  2. Vlad Says:

    Heh, what would you do this time if you were again told that the Caps acquired Jeff Friesen for a third-roung any pick?

    One question about roster decisions – do you feel like Schultz has done enough to deserve his apparent spot? He just looks shaky time, and a prime target to get better on the far. On the other hand Eminger did not really get a chance to show what he can do in preseason games.. what gives?

  3. Vlad Says:

    Sorry for terrible grammar – should’ve been “third-round pick” … “He just looks shaky oftentimes, and a prime target to get better on the farm.”

  4. ZeroCool Says:

    I guess there was no news coming off the golf course, huh?

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