Lineup for Preseason Finale

Here’s how the Caps will look tonight against Ottawa:

8-Ovechkin, 25-Kozlov, 43-Fleischmann
19-Backstrom, 92-Nylander, 17-Clark
18-Pettinger, 15-Gordon, 39-Steckel
87-Brashear, 21-Laich, 10-Bradley

3-Poti, 52-Green
26-Morrisonn, 23-Jurcina
4-Erskine, 2-Pothier

1-Johnson, 37-Kolzig

Not sure who is in goal tonight, but I believe it’s Kolzig.

EDIT: Erskine is a late scratch (game-time decision) and Schultz is in.

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4 Comments on “Lineup for Preseason Finale”

  1. TJ Says:

    Mike, any insight on to why Olie is playing so much in the preseason? Hes not getting any younger, and Johhny has looked good.

  2. Kazer Says:

    Any idea why Erskine was a late scratch?

  3. Stirling Says:

    Wish Erskine had played in place of Schultz. He has looked out of sync and very young while on the ice in the preseason games I have watched. Maybe this was a last chance look at him befor e making cuts. I am pretty sure he was on the ice for 90% of the goals against in the games that he played.
    Like the kid but he does not bring anything physical to compensate for his poor positioning and decisions. If he brought a better skill set or some physical play then it may be easier to look over his obvious poor play. Would have kept Boomer up and sent Schultz down but I have confidence in GM and RED to make the right decisions. They must have an underlying knowledge that makes him more attractive than he has performed in training camp/preseason.

    GO CAPS!!!

  4. Kerplunk Says:

    An offense sublime that transcends simple math. sweet.

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