Friday Night Lineup

Here’s how the Caps will lineup for tonight’s preseason contest against the Flyers at The Phone Booth:

8-Ovechkin, 25-Kozlov, 43-Fleischmann
19-Backstrom, 92-Nylander, 28-Semin
18-Pettinger, 15-Gordon, 17-Clark
87-Brashear, 39-Steckel, 21-Laich

3-Poti, 52-Green
26-Morrisonn, 23-Jurcina
55-Schultz, 2-Pothier

1-Johnson, 37 Kolzig

Kolzig will start and is expected to go the distance. Don’t forget that you can see the Caps take on the Sens live at Verizon Center on Sunday for free. Simply present any ticket stub for a DC United game (used or unused) and you’ll be given a free ducat for the Capitals’ final preseason game of 2007.

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13 Comments on “Friday Night Lineup”

  1. usiel Says:

    Are Backstrom/Semin reversed or are the playing on the opposite wings tonight?

  2. maruk Says:

    Hey Mike,

    Do you think it’s significant that Eminger is not in the lineup tonight?

  3. bc Says:

    Wow. I can’t believe that Bradley, Clymer, Klepis, and Erskine won’t play tonight. I guess that means they’ve got a better shot at opening night that Steckel, Laich, and Schultz.

  4. shaggy Says:

    I think tonight’s lineup is what you’ll see Oct 5, with the possible exception of Schultz being sent down. Clymer, Brads, and Klepis will be waived, but I dont know who’s pickup Clymer at $1,000,000. Erskine stays if they keep 8; I think Eminger will have to fight for his ice time, but he’ll get his chances and should.

  5. Muddapucker Says:

    One thing to remember is that just because someone’s in the lineup tonight doesn’t mean their a lock and someone else is history. On the contrary tonight maybe the final audition for one or two people on the bubble. Management may favor someone else but want to give a last “look” at a bubble player…. to confirm possible opinion.

    The fact is that known of really knows. I agree that its getting close and time is short. If I were vying for a spot….. I would definitely rather be playing then watching!

  6. dumpnchase Says:

    Backstrom has lined up mostly on the left of this line since its formation, and each time Hanlon has given me this line, it has had Backstrom on the left. Furthermore, Tarik asked him point blank about 10 days ago: “If Backstrom is going to play the wing, which side will he be on?” The answer was “left.”

    I don’t knew whether it’s significant or not, but I certainly wouldn’t be surprised if the D alignment slated to take the ice tonight is the same one they roll out on opening night in Atlanta a week from tonight.

    I don’t think it means anything yet. I think the lineup will be a bit different on Sunday, but we’ll see.

    I can’t see Bradley getting waived. He has had a very strong camp, IMO.


  7. shaggy Says:

    I thought Omar was having a good camp too – I think it would be great if he makes the cut. But I have a hard t ime seeing it.

  8. gusty161 Says:

    If Schultz makes the team, could it be in part because management is leery of the reaction he would get in Hershey. I keep hearing and reading that a lot of Bears fans are really down on him because of his less than aggresive style of play. Maybe George feels that playing in front of a hostile home crowd could actually hinder his growth. Am I way off?

  9. dumpnchase Says:

    You’re way off. Fans are important obviously, but no NHL GM is ever going to make moves (and nor should he!) based on fan appeasement. Moves are made — or not made — for the good of the hockey team, period. If that happens to lineup with fan appeasement, then hooray. Nobody here cares what Bears fans (or Caps fans, for that matter) think of Schultz or anyone else on the roster. He will play where the organization decides he’ll play, and the decision will be made based on his performance on the ice, not what people think of his style. That’s the way it has to be. It’s not a popularity contest.

  10. TJ Says:


    Should we take this as Eminger is the 7th d or that hes not in the picture anymore? Or did his injury flare up?

  11. gusty161 Says:

    I think you misunderstood. I wasn’t saying the Caps would make a judgement on Schultz based on whether fans liked him. No GM would do that. What I was trying to say was that given that he’s still young, could the constant booing by home town fans cause him to get tentative in his play and, in turn, not allow him to develop his game. I’ll give you an example. When Edgar Renteria, an all-star shortstop, went to the Red Sox, the home fans started getting on him because he wasn’t hitting. Renteria is a shy guy and the booing really affected him and he had the worse year of his career. And he admitted such after the season and asked to be traded. I just wonder if Schultz, who is also a quiet guy, could be affected the same way.

  12. dumpnchase Says:

    If he’s on the roster, he’s in the picture. Injuries and slumps happen. Erskine started last season as the No. 8 guy, and he was in the top four or five when he got hurt. I don’t think Eminger’s injury flared up, but not being available for the first few games couldn’t have helped his chances.

    Ah, okay then. Nevermind.

    Seriously, I don’t think it bothers guys much. Two or three defensemen on every team are going to be the fans whipping boys, simply because lots of fans haven’t played and they expect too much out of some guys. I don’t think Schultz is going to change his game, purposely or not.

  13. TJ Says:

    Ok, I totally agree with having extra D. No player likes to sit in the press box or in the Minors, but injuries are inevitable. And when that time comes the depth we have at D will be nice to have.

    Its almost like what happened last year with the second line center, Klepis played better in camp but beech got the spot because of his contract. Unfortunately the guys with two ways will usually end up in the minors unless they have beat a veteran out of a spot.

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