Sunday Cuts

The Capitals have assigned goaltenders Frederic Cassivi and Daren Machesney, and center Kyle Wilson to Hershey (AHL) and goaltender Michal Neuvirth to Plymouth (OHL). The trim leaves Washington with 19 forwards, 10 defensemen and two goaltenders on its training camp roster.

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8 Comments on “Sunday Cuts”

  1. Betsy Says:

    I’m sure couch Boudreau will be VERY happy.

  2. another anti-uniform system article, this time from Pittsburgh.

    Vogs, have you heard similar complaints from the caps’ players?

  3. Stirling Says:


    Neuvirth looked great in the rookie camp and in training camp scrimmages. We watched him in the Philly/CAPS game in NJ as well but he did not look good in that game. Since we did not get to watch him in any of the pre-season games, can you fill us in? Thought he might push Machessney for the Hershey spot. Will he be okay going back to Plymouth?

  4. Betsy Says:


    In addition to the various liquidity issues, I’ve heard from NHLers (non-Caps and not Cam Janssen) about more problems when fighting. The “stretchiness” problem was the exact terminology used. This was from skilled players who happened to have gotten embroiled in fisticuff incidents wearing the new sweaters this pre-season, and were not pleased with the results.

    I’ve already emailed our favorite AHL coach to see if his boys are reporting any problems yet as they are usually even more active in the rough house department. You’re up, Bruce.

  5. I saw a story today (maybe in the Boston Globe notes column) that players are starting to order their sweaters a size or two larger to account for the tightness of the sweaters.

  6. dumpnchase Says:

    He’ll be okay going back to Plymouth. He has to be. The AHL is a big jump for a 19-year-old kid, and the brass figured this way is best for Neuvirth and the team, long-term.

    I asked a few guys today, and none of them had anything bad to say about the sweaters. I’m mildly surprised by that, but that’s what they said.

  7. Betsy Says:

    Another new sweater story. I pity the poor guys who will be playing in Buffalo outdoors January 1 dripping wet for almost three hours. The heaters on the benches were working overtime in the last outdoor game in Edmonton using the old gear.

  8. Stirling Says:


    I heard Bettman and Reebok have stated that the new sweaters are a worki in progress. Should these things have been worked out a bit better before releasing them? What happens to the players that like larger jerseys for more movement? I understand that Darcy Tucker had his tailored to be larger after he got it. He is a small guy in the first place so not sure why he would not just get a larger one. LOL!

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