Two More Re-Assignments

Defensemen Tyler Sloan and Sasha Pokulok were sent to Hershey of the AHL today. That leaves 20 forwards, 10 defensemen and five netminders in camp, including right wing Eric Fehr who has not participated because of injury.

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3 Comments on “Two More Re-Assignments”

  1. Joel Says:

    Mike – is Clark the ultimate best fit on the Ovie/Kos line? I like Flash but Ovie and Clark are a proven effective duo. Suds, Brooks or Steckel could center the 3rd line with Gordo moving to right wing or if Gordo stays at center than Bradley or Clymer could be the right wing. What is your ideal 3rd line if Clark is not there?

  2. dumpnchase Says:

    To be honest with you, I think people are far too fixated on lines right now. Let’s see what happens in the next five preseason games. Opening night is two weeks away. We don’t even need a set roster — let alone set lines — yet. That’s what preseason is all about.

  3. kenwood Says:

    I hate to sound like a Clark basher, because I’m really not. But am I the only one who sees Clark as a checking line guy?? Sure, he got 30 last year. But when you play with someone like Ovie, isn’t it expected that those around you are better? I see Clark as a 15-18 goal scorer, maybe 20 without Ovie. If we can get that from him on the checking line and Ovie gets a chance to ‘elevate’ the game of a player like Flash or the like, doesn’t it make sense, at least for starters?. Heck we tried Clymer on D last year early on. It didn’t work but it made sense to try. I see this the same way.

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