Medusa’s Daughter

A disclaimer here right off the bat: there is no hockey content in this post. You’ll want to skip this one if you’re waiting for the latest on the Capitals.

With the hockey portion of the calendar now underway, I’m seeing people I haven’t seen in a while, and I’m fielding a similar question from almost all of them. “Vogs, why’d you cut the hair?”

A better question would be why did I grow it out in the first place. And here’s the answer.

Two good friends of mine from my neighborhood here in Baltimore — Steve Parke and Jonathon Scott Fuqua — are talented guys. Steve is a photographer who formerly worked in (the artist formerly known as) Prince’s art department, and Scott (as we call him) has published several great novels to critical acclaim.

They’ve worked together on previous projects, and a while back they asked me if I’d be willing to play a part in their graphic novel, “Medusa’s Daughter.” I would be playing the book’s villian, an evil traveling sideshow owner named Rictus Finch. Sure, why not? (Typecasting, right?)

As is often the case with these things, it took longer than expected. So my locks remained long for longer than expected. Steve finished shooting my parts last June, and a week later, I got the lid trimmed. So that answers that.

The book is slated to be published next spring. The really cool part is this. The Baltimore Sun did a piece on Steve in last Sunday’s paper. The article appeared in the Arts & Life section, and was a short piece with a picture of Steve.

A lot of us who follow the media know that newspapers have been struggling to find their niche in the Internet age, and that’s why I find this so interesting. The online version of the story on Steve contains a lengthy audio interview with him and the writer of the piece, and it also showcases some of his photography from the book. I know that not all newspaper articles readily translate into a more interactive online version, but it’s a great way of presenting information for which the paper does not have room in its print edition.

If you’re interested in taking a look, here’s the link.

The text of the actual newspaper article is there, along with a multimedia-type window. Click the play button, and you’ll hear Steve’s interview and see some of his work. He’s an amazingly talented guy.

I could see this sort of multi-pronged, multimedia reporting becoming the norm in years ahead.

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7 Comments on “Medusa’s Daughter”

  1. Tadd Says:

    Interesting sidebar and link. Thanks for posting this. My son has always been a big fan of the graphic novels. My house is full of them as his wife is not a big fan. Now, inquiring minds might want to know about Erskine’s lost locks! Talking hockey though, cudos to Michael Neuvirth for his fist attempt against the likes of Staal, Cole and Williams.

  2. Betsy Says:


    You’ve been telling us that Rictus tale for a year now. We know you were really aspiring to be Medusa.

    Did you at least get to keep the threads? Comes in handy if there’s a Left Banke reunion.


  3. Dan, Jr. Says:

    Bet that was a lot of fun. Have you done any other acting or modeling before?
    I remember taking Drama class in high school just to be around the girls. Even though I was pretty shy, it was still fun.

    I’ve had long hair for most of my life. Donated my hair last summer and grew it back. Did it again this August. The main thing I hate about short hair is “bed head”.

  4. odessa steps magazine Says:

    I remember interviewing Steve and Scott a couple years ago about the EA Poe book he did for DC/Vertigo. I think I also had dinner with them and a bunch of other people after one of the Small Press Expos in Bethesda. Good guys.

    maybe that’s why i didn’t spot you in Voorhees last week – I was looking for the long blond locks.

  5. Neil Young Says:

    Almost cut my hair

    It happened just the other day

    It’s gettin kinda long

    I coulda said it wasn’t my way

    But I didn’t and I wonder why

  6. Drew Says:

    I’ve been a fan of Soft Skull Press for quite some time, especially growing up in DC’s DIY music/political culture and seeking more literary avenues for a punk upbringing in my adulthood. Looking at my copy of Dance of Days on the shelf right now, in fact.

    It’s always a trip when these two worlds, call them “hockey” and “everything else important,” collide. Thanks for the crossover post/sidebar.

  7. dumpnchase Says:

    I’m fine with a Left Banke reunion, but don’t think I can hit the high notes in “Walk Away Renee,” at least not without the kind of surgery I’m not interested in having.

    Got paid to be an extra in “The Replacements” a few years ago, but that’s it. My wife acted in movies and commericals when she was a kid and still gets checks, and my daughter is way into theater. They’re the ones with the talent. And yeah, bed head is worse with short hair.

    Yep, they’re both great guys. Small world, too.

    One of many tremendous songs you wrote, Say hello to C, S and N for me.

    I dunno much about that other world, but Steve gets way into it and is very excited by it all. Hard not tp get swept up in it sometimes, and I definitely did this time!

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