Scrimmage Stuff, Fin

Philly took this one, 5-3 scoring four of their five goals on the power play. The Flyers pushed their lead to 4-2 with a David Laliberte power play goal 50 seconds into the third period. The Flyers’ Adam Henrich tallied on a power move to the net at 2:16 of the third. Henrich’s goal was the lone even-strength strike for the Flyers today.

Mathieu Perreault scored for Washington at 10:55 to close out the scoring for the game.

The Caps played much of the third period with just four defensemen. Sean Collins left the game early in the third with was was termed a minor injury. Josh Godfrey went off a few minutes later with a broken skate blade.

We did confirm that Nicklas Backstrom scored Washington’s second goal. We were unable to get a final shot tally, as the scoreboard was wiped clean before we could make note of it.

Karl Alzner
“This is cool,” said Alzner, before we could ask any questions. “It’s my first time doing it like this, in the dressing room.”

What was it like playing in an NHL sweater against another team in an NHL sweater?
“I’ll tell you, there was more hitting and harder hitting than in that Super Series we just played in. Guys are all bigger and stronger, but it just makes you work that much harder and make plays that much quicker. It was a lot of fun but I’m a little tired after this first one. So I’ll get a little bit of rest now.”

You were pulling extra time at the end when you were down a couple guys.
“Double-shifting. It felt like I was back in Calgary there for a little bit. Just a bad break and then a skate blade breaking. You’ve got to pick up the extra slack if you can.”

You didn’t want to get involved in the fight? (Not my question. And not really a “fight.”)
“Well, they told us before the game not to fight [‘they’ told both teams not to fight], so that’s my excuse. And when I looked in there, there were a couple of guys who were 6-4, 6-5 with bigger beards than I have. So I think I made the right decision.”

Patrick McNeill
Nice goal. Is that one where you see you can get a step on your guy and you just drive the net?
“Sami [Lepisto] made a nice play, just a little drop pass for me back in our own zone. I had some speed going, I saw Gordo open on the wing and I thought I’d try and go for a give-and-go. Their D were trying to stand it up at the blueline, so I used some speed to get around them. Gordo fed me with a nice pass.”

What can you say about the intensity of this game, playing against guys from another organization who are in the same boat as you, trying to make a big impression?
“It was real intense out there, especially the first period. They came hard. They were throwing the body around. It was a lot faster than the intersquad game we played. guys are definitely competing out there for spots and you can definitely tell in games like these.”

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6 Comments on “Scrimmage Stuff, Fin”

  1. Betsy Says:

    Love Alzner’s quotes, a real character.

  2. Rob Says:

    man i’m glad hockey is back.

  3. LetMeGuess Says:

    Let me Guess.

    Tarik asked the (non)fight question.

  4. dumpnchase Says:

    Alzner is a character, in a good way. The proverbial “money quote.”

    Let Me Guess,
    Nope, not Tarik. Not sure who it was, and not really important.

  5. odessa steps magazine Says:

    that was a good time today (even though I left after 40 minutes for another commitment).

    there were so pentalties in the first period, I almost thought that PP/PK was just something both teams had agreed on to work on and they were alternating.

    did I see right and those were AHL referees?

    Backstrom had a great even strength goal in make the score 3-2.

  6. odessa steps magazine Says:


    the next time people talk about the caps’ frugality — one team today had their names on the back of their sweaters and one team (the one from PA) did not.

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