Alzner and Godfrey Report to Kettler

Today marked the final day of the Capitals’ rookie camp at Kettler Capitals Iceplex. The kids will bus up to Voorhees, NJ on Wednesday for a 4 p.m. scrimmage against the Flyers’ rookies.

In preparation for that scrimmage, the Caps’ rookies held a scrimmage of their own on Tuesday. Blue beat White by a 5-3 count; but the Blues had a ringer in Caps winger Donald Brashear. Karl Alzner and Josh Godfrey got into town on Monday night after helping Team Canada conquer Team Russia in the Super Series, and both were on the ice at Kettler for Tuesday’s session. We got a chance to talk to both defensemen about their experiences, and the video of that tandem interview will be up on as soon as it is edited and ready to go.

Caps’ GM George McPhee had these comments in a post-rookie scrimmage discussion:

On Alzner:
“I watched seven and a half of the eight games. He is as advertised, just a steady, reliable defenseman. Just keeps you out of trouble in your own end, moves the puck really well, keeps it simple. [He] actually may have more of an offensive touch on the power play than we saw earlier on, which is good news. Because we know he is excellent defensively, and that’s what we need first and foremost.”

On whether Alzner is ready for the NHL:
“We’ll wait and see. We’ll see how training camp goes. We feel we’re in a position now where we don’t have to rush any kids. In the past we’ve had to put some kids in maybe before they should have been. I think we’re getting deep enough that we don’t have to do that. But if he deserves to be here we’ll make room. If he makes our team better, we’ll make room.”

On Eric Fehr’s lingering injury:
“It’s hard to say at this point. This is not unlike what Brian Sutherby went through a few years ago. He had an injury that really dogged him for a couple of years. It’s unfortunate but it happens. The good news is when they’re this young it’s seldom ever permanent and they get over it. We’ll be patient and take our time and do things right.”

On whether Alzner might be tired after the eight-game Super Series and the resulting travel:
“He’s too young to be tired, which was why we put him and Godfrey right in the scrimmage today. And they’ll play in Philadelphia tomorrow. They’re young and they’ve got lots to learn. You get them in right away and they assimilate quickly, and they’re better for it.”

On Godfrey:
“Don’t forget about Godfrey. He was good, too. He has got an offensive weapon that is hard to find. That kid can really move the puck. And at least out here [this morning] it was on net almost every time [he shot it] and that’s what’s important. We did real well to get him in the second round.”

Glen Hanlon recently had some good comments that are also worth sharing here.

On the rookie camp:
“The players have had an opportunity to be on the now ice for another month. Sometimes with summer camp you’ve got to be careful that you don’t over-evaluate or under-evaluate a player. They come here now and they look good. We got some systems work done. One of the advantages these kids will have here is that the drills we do here, most of them we’ll do again in training camp. It allows these players to walk through it the first time and then when it comes down to the main camp the players who get invited back will be the second time through it.”

“The most enjoyable part is taking a very talented young player that needs to work on some things and to see his growth and progress.”

On the style and format of the drills and practices:
“When it comes to doing the evaluation process, we like to put in a lot of competition drills. But we don’t do anything different here that we don’t do in our [normal] group. We sort of have a practice philosophy that we adhere to. We think competition is good in practice, we also think pace of play is good. And we think trying to create some confusion for them so that they can sort it out, and then our evaluation is to see who can sort it out and who can’t sort it out. You’re evaluating hockey sense here also.”

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2 Comments on “Alzner and Godfrey Report to Kettler”

  1. Hockey Amor Says:

    Perhaps Godfrey can teach Pothier how to hit the net when shooting from the point.

  2. jr Says:

    I have to agree with MaPhee on getting Godfrey in the second round, it was a steel. Godfrey led all D in the Super series with 6pts and was 9th overall in scoring. Good luck to Alzner & Godfrey one day they will tend the blue line for the Caps.

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