Walton, Wired and Unwired

I mentioned some time back that my good friend and Hershey Bears’ play-by-play voice John Walton would soon be joining the blogoshpere. Well, the day has arrived.

“Walton, Wired and Unwired” will prove to be a must-stop spot for Bears fans, Caps fans and hockey fans alike. He’s glib, he’s funny, he’s plugged in and he knows Hershey and hockey. You can have a look at Walton’s first entry here. We all look forward to more, John. Welcome to our world.

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3 Comments on “Walton, Wired and Unwired”

  1. sk84fun Says:

    Mike, Thanks for the heads up about the latest entrant to the blogosphere. Easy to be entertained listening to John Walton’s coverage of Bears’ games. I’m looking forward to reading an entertaining and informative blog that provides another source of information about Hershey hockey.

  2. Gustafsson Says:

    This is great news. However, I wish the url was something a bit simpler.

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