Great Radio News

Good news from Caps Land today, kids. The team has announced its radio deal for the 2007-08 season with Bonneville International Corporation. SportsTalk 980 is now in the rear view mirror as far as radio affiliates go, and the signal will be much stronger this season.

For those of us living a bit outside of the beltway, we’ll be able to pull in Caps games on Talk Radio 3WT, on 1500 AM, 107.7 FM and 820 AM.


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10 Comments on “Great Radio News”

  1. […] Mike Vogel’s blog, the Washington Capitals have left the hockey hating SportsTalk980 and have signed a deal with the […]

  2. fauxrumors Says:

    1) Thats great news! Hopefully they’ll also upgrade the folks who do the post game report as well. That Hanrahan guy seemed to be clueless, bored, and sometimes intoxicated!
    2) The guy you guiys had 2 years ago was much better. Didn’t hold any punches if the Caps played badly, etc. We want it strait, with some knowlege, not sugar coated from a guy just reading stat sheets and drinking cocktails

  3. acap1066 Says:

    This is great news!!! I can finally listen to the post game show on my drive back to Sterling. No more lost signal once I hit the toll road from Rte 66 after leaving the game. Big Step up for me. Can’t say anything about who does the post game show, just happy that I should beable to hear it now.

  4. gusty161 Says:

    Any idea who’s going to be handling the post-game show. I’m nominating you, Mike. Your appearance with Scott Linn after last season’s final game was great radio. Interested?

  5. Betsy Says:


    Sounds like the Caps have one big broadcasting issue sorted out to the liking of their loyal fans. One club down, one to go.

    Now how about re-organizing or correcting the on again/off again feed your Hershey Bears are able to transmit via the dreaded PennLive radio? Half the time I miss much of Walton’s call because the signal blows down or will not connect initially.

    Having to endure a Bears call from the opposition – particularly via Tom Grace – is not a good thing. Plus, I miss the dulcet tones of Walton, Boudreau, Leone and (sometimes) Vogel.


  6. dumpnchase Says:

    It’s fabulous news, and it’s a great deal for the team and its fans.

    Thanks for the nomination, but I think I’m gonna be too busy writing, interviewing and reporting to have anything to do with the postgame show at that time of night. I’m always happy to help out and do whatever I can, but our web staff is already less than it was years ago. I don’t see any way I could do both.

    Stronger signal, better deal. It was a no-brainer when the options were placed side-by-side.

    Nothing I can do about the Bears’ feed, but I feel your pain … especially when it comes to a certain play-by-play guy from NE Pa.

  7. Matt Says:

    Hey Vogs – I missed yesterday’s podcast and it hasn’t shown up on iTunes or Caps page yet…just fyi – maybe its gone missing.

  8. TJ Says:

    You can use the direct link for the podcast…
    [audio src="" /]

  9. Matt Says:

    Thanks TJ – I tried directly through the website before it didnt work. But that was through the little player thingy. Thanks

  10. odessa steps magazine Says:

    I know most caps fans can’t stand certain hosts at 980 for their perceived “anti-cap stance,” but remember there are folks there who love hockey and are probably sad to have lost the rights to the team.

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