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So much for Toronto defenseman Pavel Kubina being headed to Chicago in an impending deal (’twas an e4, if you’re scoring at home). Today’s Chicago Tribune scotches that deal and pretty much anything else involving the Blackhawks right now.

There was a nice piece in the Dallas Morning News yesterday on Stars captain Brenden Morrow. His style is not unlike that of Washington’s own Chris Clark.

The great Red Fisher has a tremendous piece today on the funeral of Sam Pollock, the Canadiens general manager who was the architect of so many great teams and championship clubs in Montreal. Tough summer for the Habs, losing John Ferguson and Pollock.

Free agent center Michael Peca and agent Don Meehan are trying to gauge whether the Rangers want the veteran in a Blueshirt this fall. And they aim on knowing one way or another by today.

David Pratt makes a convincing case for the admittance of former Leafs forward Paul Henderson to the Hockey Hall of Fame. Henderson will always be remembered for the big goals (including The Biggest One) he scored in the 1972 Summit Series, but he was a pretty good players in the NHL and WHA for a long time. To be sure, there are lesser players already enshrined.

Yesterday’s Columbus Post Dispatch had an interesting Aaron Portzline article about how coach Ken Hitchcock is laying down the law for this, his first training camp as the team’s bench boss.

I saw where both Versus and NBC whacked Bill Clement as studio host. Too bad, because I didn’t think he was terrible in that gig. But he was much better as a color analysy, so hopefully some team or network brings him back in that role. Bill Patrick will be the studio host on Versus and Pierre Maguire on NBC. Other changes were made as well: Ray Ferraro and Brett Hull are both out and Mike Milbury is in.

Finally, when the Caps take on the Flyers in a rookie camp scrimmage at Voorhees, NJ next month, there will be at least one familiar face in the orange and black. Former Hershey and South Carolina winger Matt Stefanishion has been invited to Flyers rookie camp and is one of 30 players who will attend.

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5 Comments on “Around The Circuit”

  1. Betsy Says:


    Yet another compelling reason for all TSN broadcasts and every Canadian TV hockey feed to be made available for the opening of the NHL season to US viewers. Please note that I did not include the mysteriously invisible NHL TV.

    Ferraro and Hull were a great point/counterpoint. They frequently sounded like they were ready “to go” defending their opinions, whether you agreed with their position or not. They were passionate and frequently very funny. The casual hockey fan could easily find them engaging to listen to and perhaps wish to learn more about what they were discussing. It was the closest thing to our version of HNICs Hot Stove, only with Chicken Parm and the Golden Brett.

    The jury is still out for me with Bill Patrick. But Mike Milbury? Too bad the Friendly Giant has passed; his style, delivery and hockey comments could be more compelling to hear.

    Pass the popcorn AND the No-Doz, Mike. -BA

  2. odessa steps magazine Says:

    I have never liked the Flyers, but when they had Doc and Clement as their broadcast team, it made watching the games palatable.

  3. bill ball Says:

    It sounds like Versus is taking cues from the NHL. Ratings are down (or were never up) so let’s start “fixing” what’s not broken. Clement was the voice of reason that reeled other commentators in from homerism and favoritism. Maybe he didn’t say the words “Sidney Crosby” enough. God knows some of the other guys gushed over that kid any chance they got, and created them when they didn’t get a chance.

    Of all people- why Clement? Jones was a homer and a bit of a lunkhead, and who could really understand anything that came out of Brian Engblom’s face when it was framed by the last remaining Kentucky Waterfall? Send that thing back into the Canadian mountains and Brian with it. Darren Eliot is a great writer, but a clumsy color guy at best, and Emrick’s nasality can really grate the nerves after a few minutes. And how any broadcast didn’t collapse under the weight of Brett Hull’s ego is beyond me. He and Maguire would be excellent drama queens for a reality show I’d never want to see.

    But yeah, after all that, fire Clement. It TOTALLY makes sense. He’s clearly the weak link. And while you’re at it, send Beninati back to the Caps full time and have Comcast give him a raise.

  4. GoBucks9 Says:


    Anyways for us hockey-starved Americans to watch the Junior Summit Series???

  5. Nick Says:

    What about Stefanishion. He didn’t even get a chance. Poor guy, hope someone picks him up. What a phenomenal player.

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