Beach Bound

I’m outta here for the next 10 days or so, off to the white sands of Cancun with the family. I’ll be thinking icy thoughts while consuming ice cold beverages, and I’ll see you all back here around the middle of the month.

This space will be “dark” during my absence, but I’ve prepared a feature on on one of my favorite guys in all of hockey, Dave Prior. The first portion is up now with the rest to follow tomorrow. Next week, look for lengthy Q & A sessions with Mike Kelly, the radio voice of the South Carolina Stingrays and Darren Abbott, the former radio voice of the South Carolina Stingrays and current team president of the South Carolina Stingrays. More on the Stingrays will follow, but I should be back by then.

By the time I get back, we’ll only be a month away from training camp. Before I go, I want to leave you with a little something of substance. A very wise hockey ops guy beamed this to me today, under the subject header: “Edmonton: Then and Now”:

Wayne Gretzky was awarded the following contract by Los Angeles after scoring 586 goals in the league, all with Edmonton.
1988-89 NHL $1,620,000
1989-90 NHL $2,062,000
1990-91 NHL $2,342,000
1991-92 NHL $2,342,000
1992-93 NHL $3,342,000
1993-94 NHL $3,342,000
1994-95 NHL $3,342,000
1995-96 NHL $3,342,000
1996-97 NHL $3,342,000

$25.166M/9 years
$2.796M average annual value

Dustin Penner was offered and signed the following contract from Edmonton after scoring 33 career goals.

2007-08 $4.25M/AAV
2008-09 $4.25M/AAV
2009-10 $4.25M/AAV
2010-11 $4.25M/AAV
2011-12 $4.25M/AAV

$21.25M/5 years
$4.25M AAV

He noted that Gretzky’s deal was later re-worked, but that’s the basis of the original pact right there. It doesn’t take long, eh?

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3 Comments on “Beach Bound”

  1. doug Says:

    Mike, hope you have a great vacation, enjoy!! Excellent article on Mr. Prior.
    Travel safely,

  2. Fred Fisher Says:

    Mike, Have a very happy and restful vacation. Really enjoy your articles and your keen insights. Looking forward to hearing you with John Walton and Tim Leone at our Hershey Bears games this coming season. Thanks for all your good work.

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