Jurcina Signs

I just learned that defenseman Milan Jurcina and the Washington Capitals have come to an agreement on a two-year contract. The pact avoids an arbitration hearing that had been scheduled between the two sides for Monday.

If you’re keeping score at home, that’s 18 of 30 scheduled arbitration cases that have settled prior to going behind closed doors (by my count, anyway). Two players (including Washington’s own Brooks Laich) actually went through the arbitration process and 10 hearings are slated for next week.

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7 Comments on “Jurcina Signs”

  1. KP Says:

    Another good move in a good summer for GMGM. Good defenseman with a lot more upside signed for 2 years, and at a reasonable rate, unlike what others have been doing these past couple weeks.

    I like Jurcina a lot. He throws his big frame around, is smart in his own end, has a cannon of a shot (doesn’t utilize it enough) and just turned 24. When he came over from his horrible situation in Boston, he seemed more excited and energized, and he let his play show that. He and Morrisonn made a great pairing when they were together. With time, he could wind up being the top 2 defenseman this organization needs. I think Alzner has that type of upside too, but he’s further behind than Jurcina is.

    Very smart personnel move. Very smart financial move. Signing gets an A+. There’s another signing or two that I’d love to hear about as well, but I have a feeling those may come later.

  2. GoBucks9 Says:

    Great news, good start to the weekend.

  3. doug Says:

    Another good example of some smart front office work. This also shows good will on both parties and Jurcina need not feel alienated. He knows we want him now!!! I think many were highly impressed with Jurcina after we obtained him (fleeced Boston). This guy is about ready to be the top-tiered D-man we’ve all talked about. Let’s get ready for the season; bring on October!!

  4. Funkyglovefacewash Says:

    I think the only thing I don’t like about Jurcina is, as KP says, he doesn’t shoot enough. He and Morrisonn made an exceptional pairing and I can’t wait to see those two take it to the next level this season. Me thinks Eminger and maybe Klepis or Flash are going to be dealt for an experienced/defensive D-man before the season starts. Just a hunch.

  5. Rink Raith Says:

    Very Little downside …. great upside. Another good move by GMGM. What is next?

  6. Tomppav Says:

    Mike, can you do a favour for fans and try to figure out what’s the truth about Semin’s knee?



  7. doug Says:

    Mike – this is off-topic, but Caps related.

    I just read a blog on the Caps message board that stated Semin was injured (knee) and might miss some time this year. Of course, the validation piece was in Russian, so who knows if this is true? If so, it would be about the only bad piece of news about the Caps all summer in an otherwise superb off-season.
    I’m hoping you can validate this one way or the other, Mike.

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