Much Ado About Nada

Maybe it’s a slow news day or maybe it’s the middle of July but the blogosphere AND the mainstream media seem to be in a big hurry to pile on the Staal brothers, Eric and Jordan, who got into a bit of a kerfuffle with Johnny Law after a Eric’s bachelor party last weekend.

I won’t provide a link or any sordid details (to me, there aren’t any to provide), and you can certainly find them for yourself if you’re one of those enquiring mind types. For all I know, may have the mug shots and police reports signed by Chief Wiggum by now.

No one got hurt, no one was exploited, no lives were ruined. Jordan Staal is underaged, and shame on him for drinking before he turns 21. Because I know the rest of us all waited, didn’t we?

To me, the most disturbing aspect of this entire affair is that a 22-year-old millionaire is on the verge of getting married. Not the career move I’d make.

Get back to me when you’ve got a real story here. Nothing to see with this one, move along.

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7 Comments on “Much Ado About Nada”

  1. odessa steps magazine Says:

    doesn’t quite rank with Michael Vick, Barry Bonds, Pac Man Jones and the NBA ref does it?

  2. dumpnchase Says:

    You know it, Odessa. But it’s the lead story on, and people are falling all over themselves to write about it and find out more. I’d bet that if they’d had the foresight to hold the party in Canada, we’d never have heard a peep about it.

  3. norske Says:

    Personally, I think the one making too much of this is you. I haven’t seen anyone getting bent out of shape about this, or condemning the players involved. Most people seem to be chuckling about it, in a “boys will be boys” way. It’s being reported because any time big name athletes get arrested it will be reported. In fact, if it hadn’t been reported, you could almost take that as an insult to the NHL.

  4. GoBucks9 Says:

    My first question was where is Marc and the little one? Seems wrong to leave them out of family affairs just because they haven’t torn up the NHL yet. ha!

  5. Todd Says:

    I think they should be punished by making them cut the grass on the family farm.

  6. Absaraka Says:

    It’s a slow news day in July, and you know they need something to feed the 24-7 news monster. I agree–a total nonstory, and absolute peanuts compared to what’s going on elsewhere in sports. Still, you have to think that any hockey news in July beyond the usual offseason traffic would be bound to get them tut-tutting north of the border.

  7. Elly Says:

    Hear hear.

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