Put Cancer on Ice

There were many terrific comments and remembrances left after my previous blog post on the passing of Hall of Fame hockey writer Dave Fay. One of those comments requested my email address, which I supplied. And I’ll put it here as well, because my door is always open: mvogel@washcaps.com.

Turns out the person requesting my email address is a guy named Gavin Toner, a do-gooder of the very best kind, one who is helping raise money to fight cancer. Here’s what he wrote:

“Basically, there are 3 of us over on the message boards who organized a charity golf tournament for the past 2 years. We go by the name Put Cancer on Ice, because it’s geared toward hockey fans, the golf event is called the Caps Fans Classic.

Then about August last year, I had suggested maybe a pickup hockey game, with the board members, and whatever we covered after ice costs, could go to the American Cancer Society as well (the 3 of us who set this up, all lost people to cancer, like almost everyone has at this stage).

So, every month, we organize a charity pickup hockey game. Kettlers has been great with a discounted rate for the ice, so we have been holding it there for the past 3 months.

Because of the proximity, we do it in a VA vs. MD format. At the May game, one of the guys took a puck of his skate, which broke the holder. Another one of the players took the skate home, mounted it on some wood, sprayed it silver, and Lord Brown’s Boot was born, given at the end of each game.

Because of Dave’s passing from cancer, and the fact that we are hockey players/fans trying to fight cancer, we thought it might be fitting to make this month’s games earnings payable to Hockey Fights Cancer, in Dave’s name.

Because of that, we are trying to maybe get a few people to come out, make the extra donations, so we can send a respectable check up. We normally clear anything from $300-$500 a month, which might not seem like much, but over the course of a year, its still a couple of thousand more than what would be donated otherwise.

So, if you can give us a little plug in any way on this upcoming caps report, we would really appreciate it.

Here are some links if you are interested in taking a look.

This is the thread from the boards with all the details, and people who will be there

This is the thread I created suggesting we do this month in Dave Fay’s name

This is our homepage

This is the first presentation of Lord Brown’s Boot (I’m on the right in the VA jersey)

These are the participants

You heard the man. Go on out to Kettler on July 29 from 2-3:30 p.m. and drop a few bucks in the bucket. Play if you can, but if your knees are like mine watch and enjoy some hockey in the middle of summer. With help from Gavin I’ll try to keep you posted on future dates and times both here and on The Capitals Report, but you can obviously check the above links yourself, too. It’s a great cause, and like Gavin says, I think it’s safe to say cancer is a disease that has affected us all directly in some way.

The service for Dave on Saturday was really heartwarming, and we’ll be sharing Jason LaCanfora’s eloquent and moving eulogy with you all later today at washingtoncaps.com.

Now go put on the foil and give cancer a kick in the ass.

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2 Comments on “Put Cancer on Ice”

  1. Gavin Toner Says:

    Thank you very much for the plug. Also, Rob Keaton and Ben Wilson are the other brains of the operation.
    With securing the ice at Kettlers, and pretty much doing a lions share of the work, Rob should really get the credit over me, I simply wrote an e-mail for this to you (and used “Because of” to start 3 consecutive paragraphs.)

    There are a lot of people helping out, wives, friends etc.

    So, thanks for the plug, but I am merely a small cog in the bigger engine.

    Cheers again


  2. Captn Clark Says:

    I was at the game when the guy got his skate broken. It was the last hockey game I played in DC before I moved, hopefully my first visit will be soon and coenside with with the next PCOI. My best friends dad(who was also close and I looked up to) died of brain cancer when we were 14 and I’ve had a grudge on cancer ever since. I’ve enjoyed many cancer charity events(golf,martial arts,etc), but the one where I played hockey is my favorite. Mr. Fay’s passing is another reason we should continue this new tradition.

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