Ovie on Sid

From my friend Dmitry Chesnokov:

After Crosby signed the contract extension, Sovetsky Sport got Alex Ovechkin on the phone to comment on the event.

“What can I say? Good for Crosby! It is easier for any player to come out and play when he knows that his future is secure. I think Pittsburgh wasted no time offering Crosby the deal because of what Edmonton did trying to sign a restricted free agent. Any Canadian team (and not only Canadian) could have offered great terms to Crosby in the future. And who knows if the Penguins could have matched it. But now Sindey is staying in Pittsburgh, and will stay there beyond 2013, in my opinion.”

When asked about his contract, Ovechkin said:

“I will negotiate with the Capitals myself. To be precise, I will wait for their offer. If I like it, I will sign the contract. If I don’t, then I will get myself an agent (I don’t have one right now) to represent me in talks with the Capitals.”

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10 Comments on “Ovie on Sid”

  1. Captn Clark Says:

    I going to let out a big sigh of relief once we lock up ovy ourselves. Until then Im going to be nervous-that either the price will go up or worse. Espcially after the two fiascos involving Edm.

  2. norske Says:

    Five years isn’t enough. Pittsburgh has only locked him up one year into his free agency period, and he can walk at the age of 26 if he wants to. I hope Ovechkin signs for seven or more.

  3. Gusty161 Says:

    Is it just me or does it sounds like Alex is making a bit of a threat? “Play staright with me and give a good offer or I’ll have to get tough and get an agent”. I just hope the Caps do the right thing and do it before the season starts. If this team is going to make the playoffs, they’re going to need a happy and motivated Ovechkin.

  4. dumpnchase Says:

    Some see the glass as half empty, others see the glass as half full. Caps fans look at the glass and say, “When is it going to spill?”

    The Caps and Ovechkin have been able to negotiate an extension for all of 10 days, and the team has quite obviously spent a good bit of those 10 days working on signing free agents and getting ready for this week’s rookie camp.

    Patience. And don’t read anything that isn’t there into Ovie’s quotes. There’s nothing to worry about here, but I sometimes think that Caps Fan cannot breathe if he/she does not worry. Worry if you must, but I’m not going to.

  5. gusty161 Says:

    Ovechkin is like owning the Hope Diamond. It’s fantastic that it’s yours and you love to look at it, but you’re always wondering if some thief isn’t trying to figure a way to take it from you. I have no doubt the Caps will sign Ovechkin and I have no doubt that Alex wants to be signed. I just want it done sooner rather than later, so he comes into camp fully focused. The goal this season is to make the playoffs and that requires a happy and motivated Ovechkin. Don’t forget, Alex has already admitted that he was distracted last season by the problems with his agent. There’s no reason to start this season with a similar issue.

  6. […] Ovie on Sid From my friend Dmitry Chesnokov: After Crosby signed the contract extension, Sovetsky Sport got Alex Ovechkin on the […] […]

  7. John Says:

    Give our superstar a longer deal (8 years) AND more money than Sid the Squid got (avg 9 million per season) just load it up early into the contract like they did with Mr. Nylander, so we have room to sign others down the road.

    I say pay him more than the golden boy to show him and the rest of the NHL that we value him more – and make him back it up by playing better than Sid.

    Let’s not wait for Edmonton to determine how much and how long we sign our future for. Plus – his price tag will almost certainley be higher a year from now after playing with some NHL centers.

  8. Mike L Says:

    I have no doubt Ovechkin will be here for another 5 years…I’d just hope to see him here for another 10. If he pans out the way it looks like he is going to, then when his next contract comes up (the one after the one for 2008…) will be for just about the max allowed.

    Of course, who knows what the next CBA will look like since there are only 4 years left on the existing one…

  9. Absaraka Says:

    Ovie’s taking a very John Stockton-esque approach to his contract: i.e., no agent, he’ll sign it if he likes it, and we all hope that’s all that’s needed.

    Saying he’ll hire an agent if he doesn’t like it…I don’t read that as trying to play hardball. I’d read that more as, “Hey, I’m only 21 and don’t know all the legalese, and particularly since it’s in my second language.” If he needs help getting all the legal i’s dotted and t’s crossed, fair enough.

    Now, if you’d asked me what the difference was between a sports agent and a catfish, I’d tell you that one’s a scum-sucking bottom feeder, and the other one is a fish. No, I don’t like sports agents. I’m like the only person in the country who didn’t like Jerry Maguire, but that’s another thread.

    You have to assume the Caps are going to make a very solid offer for Ovechkin. They can’t afford not to. If they lose Ovechkin because they want to pinch a few pennies, they’ll have a full-scale fan revolt on their hands, and they know that.

    Prediction: No catfish for Ovie–he gets a solid offer and signs it straight up.

  10. Chester Says:

    Sindey??? Please tell me that is not a typo! Gotta love it!

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