Caps Face Only Two Arb Cases

The Capitals learned today that only defenseman Milan Jurcina and center Brooks Laich have opted for the arbirtration process. The team’s other three arbitration-eligible players (defensemen Steve Eminger and John Erskine and center Brian Sutherby) elected not to go to arbitration.

The NHL’s arbitration hearings are scheduled for July 20-Aug. 4 this summer. Players and their teams are free to negotiate a contract that would avoid the process altogether right up to the minute they walk into the arbitrator’s office.

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9 Comments on “Caps Face Only Two Arb Cases”

  1. strungout Says:

    I’d imagine odds are neither make it that far and they get contracts.

    But if they don’t…the Undertaker destroys them in arbitration.

  2. doug Says:

    Mike, I just read Ted’s Take and his latest blog sounded like he was discouraged. Apparently, his email is more negative than positive. I do believe that with the on-ice product becoming better, coupled with a new scoreboard and new uniforms, the Verizon Center will come alive again. If the Caps get off to a decent start and continue to build momentum, we could see the VC rockin’ again!! Tell Ted to have some patience and avoid the depression. Sounds like most of the folks who emailed Ted had no intentions of purchasing a season ticket in the first place.

  3. fnord42 Says:

    i think if gordon does go to arbitration he will get a raise. last year (if i remember correctly) the sticking point of his contract was that he wanted a one way deal where he couldn’t be sent down. i think he showed that he is certainly capable of playing in the nhl on a regular basis. +10 for the season? pretty good. and i don’t think the caps want to lose him at this point.
    i think if jurcina goes to arbitration that he’ll get a riase, but i don’t think it will be a substantial one.
    does this mean that emmy, suds, and erskine are still working on deals, or have they accpeted contracts or are they headed for free agency? (i always get confused as to how all of this works). and do you have word on how talks might be going with any of these players?

  4. fnord42 Says:

    i apologize for my huge error. for some reason i was thinking laich was gordon for some reason. i don’t know how to edit what i put up there before, so i apologize for my stupidity. (although to give myself credit, at least i found my own stupidity).

  5. fauxrumors Says:

    1) More than likely both will sign before the process. Of the two, Jurcina would seem to be the one who the Caps may want to sign to a multi year deal at a reasonable salary.
    2) As for Laich, he should be happy with a one way deal at about the league minimum. How hard would it be to find a replacement for his 8 goals?

  6. Tomppav Says:

    Mike, when will we see the list of players attending to next weeks prospect camp?

  7. Mike L Says:

    Why does everyone think Arbitration is such a bad thing? From what I’ve read about it (at least for baseball), it essentially is an argument not over whether a player is any good, but what a player is worth in terms of a salary. In baseball, the team and the player each try to point out comparable players who are similar in skills, age, and statitics to the player in question that also support the position they are taking. If George McPhee goes in and says that Jurcina or Laich isn’t valuable at all, he’ll lose the case. At the same time, if Jurcina’s agent or Laich’s agent try to say their players are as good as Nick Lidstrom or Sid Crosby, they’re going to lose the case. It’s an intense battle between the GM and the agent, but at the same time, they’re usually arguing over differences that can be addressed.

    Either way, I suspect the two players will sign before their cases are heard.

  8. Todd Says:

    Personally, I’m looking forward to getting back to talking about hockey games, rather than the business behind the game that gets too much coverage during the offseason.

  9. GoBucks9 Says:

    Hey Vogs,

    I am sure you have noticed but the hockey world is pretty quiet these days…any chance you have some new reading material for us, hockey needy.

    I also saw the the Development Camp is the July 11th – 14th. Any chance that could be moved to the 17th – 22 to line up with my business trip to DC. That shouldn’t be too hard to work out.


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