Nylander Numbers

The Nylander deal is worth a total of $19.5 million (an annual cap hit of $4.875 million), and was reportedly less than he was being offered in Edmonton. The deal will pay Nylander $3 mil in the fourth year of the pact, so if his effectiveness has dwindled drastically by that point, a buyout would not be as costly.

Don’t bet on it. When Nylander was with the Caps a few years ago, he was among the best-conditioned athletes on the team. He will serve as the Caps’ No. 1 center and will help mentor young Swede Nicklas Backstrom as he prepares for his rookie NHL season. When Backstrom is ready to assume the role of No. 1 center, he can do so and Nylander can slide into the No. 2 slot.

Washington has added $10.875 million against the NHL’s salary cap in the first two days of free agency.

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13 Comments on “Nylander Numbers”

  1. Kevin Says:


    Nice reporting on two very satisfying days. I like having Nylander mentoring Backstrom, and Kozlov providing the same counsel to Sasha Semin.

    Now if we could only lock up Ovie’s pal from Detroit, Danny Boy Markov, McPhee would be able to take a deep breath and a much earned breather.

    Would love to know what you think will happen with our ‘glut’ of talented but still unproven wingers (e.g., Laich, Flash, Klepis) and D-men (e.g., Eminger, Green, Schultz and Alzner).

  2. Smitty Says:


    Thanks for the info!

    Any idea if GMGM has called it a day? Or can we expect more?

  3. Chimaera Says:

    Wonder if there is anything left in the war chest for a decent defenseman or if there’s another team interested to swing a deal for one…. HMMMM

  4. Michèle Says:

    Wow. He signed here for less than Edmonton was offering? That would explain why the initial reports that had him signing with Edmonton said the deal was 21 mill over 4 years.

    If he did indeed take less to play here I am extremely happy. It’s always better to have a guy choose to play for you for something more than just getting the most money.

  5. Notfadeaway Says:

    3 mil on the 4th year means 5.5 mil for each of the first three. But I do like Nylander, and I’m glad they’re not trying to throw Backstrom onto the 1st line right off the bat. If we can add one more solid D-man, this team is infinitely better than last season.

  6. Big E Says:

    Bring in Danny Markov and its a great off-season.

  7. Sofia Says:

    I know this have noting to do with your blog, bur aren`t you and your visitor worried about all this wars`greetings som a cyberfriend, sofia


  8. nvacapsfan Says:

    Contrary to the endless stream of negative message board posts, imo the Caps manangement has been true to their word with the personnel moves to date and GMGM has put the team in a position to succeed w/o mortgaging the future. Would you put our chances of acquiring another D at above or below 50%?

  9. […] a bridesmaid of the 2006 Stanley Cup finalist Edmonton Oilers. And, according to Mike Vogel, for less money. Tom Poti, too, had no shortage of suitors on Sunday afternoon. He was a no. 1 Dman for a playoff […]

  10. Andy Says:

    Will there be a Caps Report tomorrow? When is the next broadcast?

  11. dumpnchase Says:

    Markov works for me, too, but I believe improvements to the D will come via the trade route unless the prices plummet on a few FA defensemen. I think Laich, Klepis and Fleischmann are all NHL players, but it will be tough for all three to win jobs now that three forwards have been added. I haven’t seen Alzner play yet, but I like what I’ve heard. I believe Eminger is still going to play 800 games in the league and I like how Schultz (especially) and Green are coming along. As to what happens to all of them, I would guess one or two MIGHT get included in a deal and others would remain and fight it out in camp. Green and Schultz can be sent to Hershey without waivers, too.

    He obviously called it a day, and maybe a summer. Future improvements may come via other avenues, but you never know.

    The familiarity of having played in Washington before worked in the Caps favor on this one. Some fans like to think that no one wants to play here, but it’s not true. The team is on the rise, and those of us who live in the area know how great the city and surroundings are.

    Good point. The sky is not falling, eh? All the moves were fiscally responsible, which is of huge importance in this salary cap era. Since you’re asking, I’d put the chances of another D arriving above 50%, but not sure how much above. Takes two to tango. The Caps have the assets to make something good happen, just a matter of finding a date for the prom now.

    No CapsReport tomorrow. We’ll be back on the air on July 11 and will hopefully have one or two of the rookie camp participants on as our guests.

  12. Paul Savage Says:

    Now that three days have passed once the FA market opened, I’m happy with what the Capitals accomplished. Would I liked to have seen Drury or Gomez in the Capitals new Red, White and Blue uniforms? Absolutely, however, not at the price that the Rangers payed.

    GMGM played it pretty smart. He improved the Capitals in areas that need improvement and still has plenty of room in the cap to maybe pick up that needed solid Dman that can be acquired via Trade.

    There are still areas to improve and there’s plenty of time to fill those gaps. I’m getting excited about the new Capitals.

  13. Absaraka Says:

    Definitely a shrewd piece of GMship. It’s not every season you land your top free agent target, and two other solid FA picks, all without busting the bank. A trade would be nice–Mr. McPhee hasn’t explicitly ruled one out–and that’s all well and good.

    But what’s even better, I think, is that the Caps are leaving some cap room available for an ’08 deadline buy. To use a poker comparison, if they’d spent to the cap in July, that would have been like going all-in before the flop: no cards on the table, but let’s put all the chips out there and see what draws. They’re not doing that: they’re hanging on to a few chips and seeing what cards come out before deciding how to play the rest of their stack.

    If nothing else, George McPhee thinks extreme long-term. Look at the draft this year: ten picks in, ten selections made, and still another ten picks to play next year. Or does he? With the cap room we’ve got, the Caps still might be able to parlay one of those ’08 picks into a blockbuster deal this coming season.

    It’s all about options, and now the Caps have a lot of those to work with. I mean, to start, who’s the top line going to end up being? Ovechkin-Nylander-Clark? Ovechkin-Backstrom-Clark? Ovechkin-Nylander-Kozlov? Ovechkin-Backstrom-Kozlov? Maybe even some other tricked-out combination with Nylander centering the top line, Kozlov centering Semin, and Backstrom centering a third line that’s still got some scoring moxie? Or does Kozlov surprise everyone and land in the middle of Ovie’s line? I don’t know how they’re going to play with those combinations, but darned if they don’t have a lot of ways to move the guys around. And that’s a whole lot better than only having a handful of mediocre options, and heaven help us all if one of the superstars takes an errant puck in the noggin. None of that this year: Coach Hanlon will be able to juggle the front lines a bit, which will definitely make for some interesting ice chess.

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