Was it a Dream?

Must have been. We’re only a week removed from this return to the red, white and blue, that Caps fans were supposedly clamoring for, but already we’re at the stage of “who freaking cares?”

Otherwise, how could one one of the greatest players ever to wear the red, white and blue — and arguably the best defenseman to lace them up in the NHL since Bobby Orr retired almost three decades ago — gain election into the Hockey Hall of Fame without a single bleeping whimper from not only the MSM, but the vaunted local “hockey blogosphere” that prides itself on staying a step ahead of the MSM on such matters? He got his start in the NHL here, and he played eight seasons and 601 games with the Caps. You might have heard of him: Scott Stevens is his name.

Did somebody write something and I missed it? Or are all you young whippersnappers so young that you can only think of Jason Doig and/or Lawrence Nycholat as having worn No. 3 for the Caps?

Anyway, sorry to interrupt. You can get back to your croquet and badminton matches now.

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13 Comments on “Was it a Dream?”

  1. JP Says:

    Hey, CapsChick had it – http://southeastshootout.blogspot.com/2007/06/scott-stevens-gets-his-due.html

    And somewhere in British Columbia, Stew Malgunas sheds a single tear at not being included in your mocking.

  2. dumpnchase Says:

    Thanks, JP. I feel a little better. Malgunas is gonna hafta deal.

  3. While we’re on the HOF, how about Igor Larionov not getting in? Yes, I know only four can go in a given year, but c’mon, Larionov not a first-ballot HOFer? Over Messier, no. But over the other three? Yeah, I think I can make that argument.

    One argument I CAN’T make is that Stevens was the best D to lace ’em up since Robert G. Orr. That guy’s name is Raymond J. Bourque–and in my book, it’s really not that close. No knock on Stevens, it’s just that Bourque was that good, at both ends of the ice, and in all situations. About the only area where Stevens had an edge on Bourque was with the gloves off (though it says here that Bourque would have fared better than many believe, and Orr, by the way, could have taken them both in his day.)

    The only thing that kept Bourque from his due of (round, finger-sized) hardware was the miserly ways of Jeremy Jacobs.

  4. Andy Says:

    I can still be found wearing my red Steven’s sweater on most nights in Section 407. One of the greatest picks the Caps ever made, plain and simple. Only wish those Cups he lifted came while wearing the red, white, and blue.

  5. Empty Maybe Says:

    It still hurts too much, Vogs. Nearly 20 years later, it still hurts too much.

  6. strungout Says:

    Great. Now we’ll get to see Poti wearing the number 3 for the next 4 years.


  7. Caps Nut Says:

    I had the Scott Stevens growth poster on the wall in my bedroom.

    However he’s is remembered more as a Devil than as a Cap.

  8. dumpnchase Says:

    Sean, Bourque is the reason for the word “arguably.” Empty, I know it hurts, but gotta give the man his due. Regardless of whether he’s known more as a Devil or a Cap, he got his start here and had eight great seasons here. Strung, Poti ain’t gonna make anyone forget Stevens, but I think he’s a better signing than lots of people give credit for. Time will tell, it always does. And the July 2 Caps will look different from the Oct. 5 Caps, too.

  9. The Deuce Says:

    I agree with Empty Maybe. I just can’t stand to think that we gifted those Cups to New Jersey (by way of St. Louis) by letting one of the toughest, meanest, most hard-nosed defensemen around walk (even though I realize a MILLION dollars a year for a defenseman at the time was unheard of, and we certainly weren’t going to match it). He can have his due — as a Devil. You’ll notice his #3 is not retired here, and I’m quite certain the jersey he’s wearing in his Hall picture will not be red, white, and blue. It hurts me just to think of what could have been had Stevens stayed a Cap….I think I’ll go throw up now.

  10. JP Says:

    I looked at it this way – if I’m dating a wild-child hot chick, we break up and she goes on to meet some great guy and has three beautiful kids, I’m not giving the toast at their 10-year Anniversary party and talking about what great times we used to have.

  11. dumpnchase Says:

    I hear ya, JP, but the analogy is a little too personal, IMO. And the local media had no problem dishing accolades to Gartner and Murphy when they went in the HOF. Langway didn’t spend his entire career here either, but we have no trouble celebrating his achievements. Maybe because he finished up here?

    A great player is a great player. The blame lies with mananagement, IMO.

  12. FS Says:

    I think part of the reason that Gartner and Murphy got accolades from the local media is that Gartner was remembered primarily as a Capital, no matter where he went afterwards. Even Murphy’s picture in the Hall of Fame has him in a Caps’ sweater. Scotty Stevens, no matter what came beforehand, is a Devil first and foremost. I don’t expect the MSM (as you put it) to be involved in giving him accolades. Their treatment of him after the limo incident is a large part of the reason that he left in the first place. When asked about his time in Washington in recent interviews, I’ve seen him repeatedly duck the question and try not to talk about what happened here, even though he was already considered one of the best defensemen, a two-time all-star with the Caps, and a first team All-Star at the end of 1988, the only time he ever received first-team status in his career.

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