Urban Myths

Slow day here waiting for the Hall of Fame announcements. But a few things are sticking in my craw here.

Michael Nylander is on the verge of re-signing with the New York Rangers. Nevermind that his agent says there hasn’t been conversation between the team and the center.

Twenty-nine NHL teams will be falling all over themselves to claim Phoenix defenseman Nick Boynton (placed on waivers yesterday) and his $2.9 million contract over the next two seasons. Nevermind that he cleared waivers, meaning all 29 teams passed.

The Philadelphia Flyers are “circumventing” the salary cap with the innovative and forward-thinking contract they bestowed upon defenseman Kimmo Timonen. Nevermind that it’s completely within the rules and that the Pittsburgh Penguins signed defenseman Sergei Gonchar to a similarly structured and loaded contract. Two years ago.

The Washington Capitals are about to announce a nine-year contract extension with left win Alex Ovechkin. Nevermind that Ovechkin and the Caps aren’t even permitted to discuss an extension until after July 1, as per the terms of the CBA.

Someone wrote it, so it must be true. Carry on.

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12 Comments on “Urban Myths”

  1. Gustafsson Says:

    And now that you wrote it… as a Caps employee…. it really IS true. πŸ˜‰

  2. dumpnchase Says:

    Nah, I’m no seer. Remember, I’m the guy that had them going to the playoffs last year.

    But I’m a midwestern boy and I know some BS when I smell it.

  3. Gustafsson Says:

    (the first comment was swimming in sarcasm)

  4. Mark Tucker Says:

    Wow, maybe Nylander is negotiating without his agent.
    Maybe Nick can re-enter the draft!

  5. strungout Says:

    Are we supposed to doubt the might Rod Langway?!

  6. strungout Says:

    Mighty that is. Stupid computer.

  7. Caps Nut Says:

    So there’s no way that a team wouldn’t tamper??? Come on….

  8. Mike Says:

    Hey Mike,

    I read a blurb about Dale Hunter interviewing with Ottawa for the head coaching gig. What do you think — will he get the job, do you think?

    Here is the link (the blurb is at the bottom of the article about Ray Emery and his RFA status):


  9. DebCapsFan Says:

    Whether Rod Langway misunderstood or not, the joke about him being helmetless (from the Caps Report) and this are pretty rude, IMO. He’s no idiot.

  10. dumpnchase Says:

    Hope you realize that it was a listener who made the joke, and not me. ‘Twas funny, especially if you know the guy who made the crack and get his sense of humor. No one said he was an idiot. Just having a little fun.

  11. Semen Semenov Says:

    Vogel, Congrats…on your close ties to the Caps organization you’ve made the Caps Report the most boring hour of my life. At the rate you dodge (or forget) questions you should just bring in some new blood to run the show. I am elated to hear that you’ll soon be heading on a much deserved and appreciated vacation. Now we can finally stop hearing your long (unwarranted) pauses, and constant paper flipping. Instead we’ll probably get to enjoy some genuine analysis and speculation. Get a clue.

  12. dumpnchase Says:

    Unbelievably clever nom de plume, so congrats yourself. I’m at a forgetful age, so I apologize. I won’t dodge here, so ask away. Most boring hour of your life? Wow. Those JMU classes must have been more scintillating than I could have imagined. We’re accepting applications for guest host, so fire away. It’s a pretty easy gig, so we await your application. No crayons, though. πŸ˜‰

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