Draft (W)rapping

I’ll have some musings on the NHL Entry Draft this past weekend a bit later on, probably tomorrow. I’ll also have a pick-by-pick breakdown of the Caps’ 10 choices over at caps.com, also probably tomorrow.

I’m writing this wee note mainly to inform you that Caps director of amateur scouting Ross Mahoney has agreed to be our guest on Wednesday’s Capitals Report podcast. Ross will give us the rundown on what was a wild NHL draft weekend, and we’ll go through each of Washington’s 10 picks.

Just wanted to put that out there, and like I said, I’ll have more of substance (hopefully) before too long.

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4 Comments on “Draft (W)rapping”

  1. Gustafsson Says:

    Mike, with the migration to the communist/socialist-all-nhl-team-websites-are-the-same, the ability to “download” a podcast of the Capitals Report is gone. You are able to go click “Multimedia” then select “Podcasts”, but that only allows playing in the browser, not download to transfer to the iPod/MP3 player. The link on iTunes also is not working as the last podcast was from back when Kyle Woodleaf was on.

    I know all of you (and esp Spike with this redesign) have been swamped, but will this have a higher priority than changing logos on pages deep in the site. Those of us who are firewalled from the Capitals Report have grown quite accustomed to downloading and transferring to the iPod for the commute.

    Pardon the rant…. keep up the good work… we’ll see you soon.


  2. sk84fun Says:

    Mike – Thanks for the recap of the picks and including the college entry year info, etc.

    Bruneteau has been traded from Omaha to the Indiana Ice. As noted, Gwidt, one of the Caps 06 picks, plays for the Ice, too.

    Fans that follow the paths of local players will recognize Roe’s name, as well: “Elite USHL veteran forwards are very hard to come by and we felt this will help fill the void up the middle with the departure of Garrett Roe to the St. Cloud Huskies this year.”



  3. Scai Says:

    Gustafsson is right! It would be greatly appreciated if it was possible to download the Capitals Report like before.

  4. dumpnchase Says:

    Gus and Scai, thanks for your concern, it’s one that Spike and I share, too. He thinks we’ve got it straightened out and he’s spent a good bit of time ironing on it.

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