Writings from the Riser

As usual, I will be camped on the media riser behind the draft floor here in Columbus for tonight’s first round and tomorrow’s rounds 2-7 of the NHL Entry Draft. A listener/contributor on this week’s Caps Report podcast suggested to me that it might be fun to log on to the CapitalsReport AOL IM thang that we use for the show, and take questions from folks during the draft.

This sort of thing has been suggested to me before, but in the context of taking/answering questions during live games. I am vehemently opposed to that sort of thing, as I actually like to watch hockey when it is being played and I also enjoy scoffing at and making fun of those who try to write while the game is going on. They miss some good stuff, more often than not.

But this is a draft, not a game. So yeah, I’m gonna do it. I’ll be live-blogging about the draft on caps.com. (At least I think that’s where it will be. If our draft coverage gets buried in all the new sweater system hoopla, I may just do it here.) Typically, I’ll update every 10-15 minutes with observations, etc., much in the same fashion as I did in Ottawa at the 2005 draft. I may even use your questions/comments as springboards to what I’m writing.

As the weekend progresses, we’ll have detailed assessments and some video interviews of the Caps’ selections. But we’ll also continue the live blogging, too. Come on by and join us, through the wonders of technology. The AOL handle again is “CapitalsReport.” See you in a few hours.

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One Comment on “Writings from the Riser”

  1. Stimpy Says:

    See you in the concourse.

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