From the Worlds

Tried to put our “widget” technology here for our coverage of the IIHF World Championships in Moscow, but it didn’t take. For ongoing coverage of the tournament updated daily, go here.

The widget is a movable piece of internet technology that anyone can “grab” and post on their own page. It updates itself afterwards, so I urge anyone with the inclination to go ahead and grab it and put it up on your blog or web page.

You’ll hear and see much more from our four-man crew here as we deliver stories, pictures and video from the tournament.

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4 Comments on “From the Worlds”

  1. Ferris Says:

    I put it up on my blogger-blog and it works fine. It’s great to have such an huge Caps writer crew over there. I’m looking forward to read your stories.

  2. JTK Says:

    maybe a really stupid question, but… what *is* the widget? what am i to grab, to throw onto my site? i keep reading about it, but haven’t seen anything that says “put >this

  3. JTK Says:

    okay… html-aware… let’s try that again… haven’t seen “put *this* on your site”.

    a little help, please?



  4. JTK Says:

    never mind, sorry… found it on the onfrozenblog site.

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