Ovechkin on Semin

Thanks again to my friend Dmitry Chesnokov for passing along this news and translating it into English. Dmitry says: “The article was written by Vitaliy Slavin and Dmitry Ponomarenko. There are also comments from Markov and Nemchinov. Nemchinov also said that Semin tried to explain himself but “it was too late.” When Semin called Nemchinov he gave the phone to Bykov to break the news to Semin.

“I noticed one of the people commenting on your blog asking what Ovechkin’s reaction was, so I decided to forward it to you.”

From Wednesday’s edition of SovietSport:

Ovechkin was really upset about Semin missing from the team.

“It is so sad to lose Semin,” honestly said Ovechkin. “But nothing can be done.”

– How did Semin himself explain what happened?

– I don’t want to discuss this. Although I admit that I did speak with him. Sasha is really upset. He called me on Monday after practice and I told him to contact the coaching staff immediately because you were cut [from the team]. He was absolutely shocked to hear this.

– Did what happened affect your mood?

– I am trying not to think about bad stuff. We didn’t come here for this [bad things].

– Would what happened to Semin scare other Russian NHL players from playing for the National team?

– The coaches showed everybody that there is discipline here. That there are no stars here, no differences between players … But there is order.

It was seemingly very hard for Ovechkin to talk about his friend’s woes so the reporters changed the subject.

Thanks again, Dmitry.

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5 Comments on “Ovechkin on Semin”

  1. Ferris Says:

    Check out this one:


    I find it kind of interesting that Semin explained the situation to Nemchinov TWO DAYS before the deadline and it was still too late?

    I wonder that would any other team’s coach than Russia’s cut one of his best players if he’d had told the coach two days before that he won’t be in camp at the wanted time? He was late only for about 4 hours, god sake!

  2. Scai Says:

    THN now has a story on this case, including quotes by Mark Gandler, Semin’s agent:


  3. dumpnchase Says:

    I’m with you Ferris. And thanks for the link, Scai. As Gandler states in the THN piece, the punishment doesn’t seem to fit the crime.

    Sure are a lot of people with rope ready to string the poor kid up, though. Helluva world we live in, as we’re reminded daily.

  4. jw Says:

    Perhaps they are looking at the Thrashers going down, and hoping to clear roster space for other russians? It seems very harsh.

  5. Tom Says:

    I agree with Gandler. Wait — did I actually just say that? Mercy!

    (Excellent piece on Duchesne, by the way. Thank you for that.)

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