Tick Tock

I’ve only been in here for about 90 minutes, but George has talked to probably half of his peers from around the league in that time. He makes a lot of calls, he receives a lot of calls.

One more deal just got done here under the wire. It will be announced once it passes the NHL’s sniff test. A few other possibilities look like they’ve dried up.

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13 Comments on “Tick Tock”

  1. CapitalPunishment Says:

    Well… spill the beans! What is it? 😛

  2. Matt Says:

    Its gotta be Heward

  3. Matt Says:

    Confirmed…..Bertuzzi to the wings for conditional draft picks

  4. AB Says:

    how can i listen to this report, podcast, or whatever is gonna be live soon?

  5. Dan Nelson Says:

    did you mean a caps trade? or just a trade

  6. AB Says:


  7. Jeroen Says:

    my pleasure 🙂 Thank Mr Vogel for the fun feature 😉

  8. CapsCrazy Says:

    I am still upset about Zubi so what ever this one is it better be good. I don’t know how you trade a number one guy (With 52pts) for some one that has played 63 games this year and only has 13 pts. Goerge must have a crystal ball to see in this guys future or some thing. I hope it works out for us. The number one pick is good but I am kind of tired of playing for the future. GOOD LUCK ZUB! I will root for ya!

  9. easyparks Says:

    WHO DD THE CAPS GET?!?! who is this myster player they sent to a western conference team!?

  10. James Says:

    this sucks they traded too many quality players

  11. easyparks Says:

    who did they just trade?

  12. Rich Says:

    It’s bad managment. Good luck Zubie!!! Look what George did to Bondra.

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