Heward to L.A.

As you may know now, the final deal of the day from a Washington standpoint sends defenseman Jamie Heward to the Los Angeles Kings for a conditional pick in the 2008 NHL Entry Draft.

The Caps will dress a lineup of seven defensemen and 11 forwards tonight, with Bryan Muir being the seventh defenseman. He will likely be used almost exclusively on the power play.

George McPhee held a press conference of about nine minutes here at Verizon Center this afternoon after all the dust settled, and the audio and video of that conference will be posted ASAP, along with the podcast from today’s Pre-Cap show.

In addition to the Heward deal, the Hershey Bears obtained winger Scott Barney on loan from the Grand Rapids Griffins in exchange for winger Jonas Johansson.

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27 Comments on “Heward to L.A.”

  1. Pratt Says:

    When will Novotny join the team? What was the interest for LA to go after Heward?

  2. Sean Morgan Says:

    Well, I hope giving away a quality D-man like Heward for a fifth round pick is going to benefit the Caps. I’m tired of these so called rebuilding years with the Caps under .500 and not making the playoffs. Maybe we can be optimistic for this summers free agency.

  3. CapsFan Says:

    I think its do or die for allot of Caps fans this summer. If they dont make the moves we all want I think Ill find a new team. Its going to be a blast watching the Pens in the playoffs…go Sidney 🙂

  4. Caitie Says:

    finally Heward is gone!!!

  5. Matt T. Says:

    after seeing what the caps did (or shall i say didn’t) do at the deadline, is it safe to assume that next year, the caps are going to trade ovechkin and semin for a skate sharpener, a zamboni, and a puck to be named later? throughout the course of the deadline, we lost Zubrus, Zednik, Heward, Nycholat, and Helbling and got back a pair of bums, and a couple of pucks, i mean picks. i love the caps, but our upper management seems to have no clue.

  6. Cathleen Says:

    Why are we dressing Muir?! Can’t we get Greener back from Hershey and put him in the line-up — I like him a whole heck of a lot better than I like Muir.

  7. sk84fun Says:

    Caps, a non-playoff team, moves in summary:

    Caps traded 5 soon to be UFAs: Zubrus, Zednik, Nycholat, Helbling and Heward

    Return: picked up Novotny (C, soon to be RFA), a 1st rd, 2nd rd, 6th rd in 07 and a 5th rd (that one being for 08 and conditional) draft picks

    Zednik: did anyone really expect him to be anything more than a 1 year rental player?

    Zubrus: if the Caps offered him a 4 year deal for reasonable numbers and he didn’t sign because he wanted 5 (not clear, but I am pretty sure someone reported that), they had to trade him, IMO.

    Heward: Thanks for your service; expected him to be moved; feel bad that it is to a non-playoff team.

    Nycholat: the Caps traded a player that wouldn’t clear waivers for a player that can help Hershey and a 6th round pick.

    Helbling: started out the season well in Hershey, but of late, no loss for him to be removed from Hershey’s line-up

    What were people expecting???

    Do I expect several off-season moves for roster players either via UFA and/or using some of the picks and maybe a player that is underperforming and needs a change of scenery to return a solid NHL roster player (C, RW or d-man) absolutely.

  8. Svenska6 Says:

    sk84fun is right on. We’ve got a plan and we’re making it work. It just takes time, folks. I read somewhere today that the Caps have had the most first rounders the last two or three years. We’ve got young players that are maturing. A good blueliner takes time to develop and we’ve got a bright future with the fellas we have. They are fast, talented, and see the ice well. As far as forwards go, we have a good mix of toughness and skill. And don’t forget we have a HUGE player in Backstrom coming over next year. The team plays for each other and works hard. We’re in a good position with the salary cap to make moves in the offseason (again sk84fun’s last paragraph describes what I think will happen.) Correct me if I’m wrong, but wasn’t Nashville in this same position a few years ago? They seem to be doing pretty well.

  9. Rich Says:

    It does take some time. But you have to look at the fact that George has made one bad move after another and the coaching is bad. This is not going to get any better folks! I see the Capitals taking a bid jump back. If they don’t do anything this summer the cap’s will not make the playoffs next year. We need a coach and a GM!!!!!

  10. Northern Caps Fan (Former) Says:

    Bad move for the Caps, young D like Heward (think he should become an assistant coach). Good Luck to him in LA. With Blake and him on the PP they will have a devastating 1-2 punch.

    See ya Hewie, you’ll be missed in D.C.

  11. Caitie Says:

    settle down matt t ovie isnt going to be traded. he is what the franchise is being buildt around. Zednick hasnt done anything this year for us so trading him wasnt bad. Zubrus needed to go as did heward.

  12. watex Says:

    Caps, a non-playoff team, moves in summary:

    Caps traded 5 soon to be UFAs: Zubrus, Zednik, Nycholat, Helbling and Heward

    Return: picked up Novotny (C, soon to be RFA), a 1st rd, 2nd rd, 6th rd in 07 and a 5th rd (that one being for 08 and conditional) draft picks

  13. AB Says:

    heward isn’t a young d. I think he’s 32

    Heward hasn’t my fav player but pretty steady – moving him for a conditional draft pick (whatever the F that means) seems stupid.

    I mean does the team really need more youth and draft picks (especially on defense!)?

  14. hawke Says:

    trading heward 4 a conditional draft pick is stupid…a defenceman on this team with a plus should be worth a lot more

  15. Murshawursha Says:

    AB, he’s not saying Heward is young, he’s saying the young guys like Heward.

    Of the three, the Heward deal is really the only one I’m not happy with. I think he’s bee a stand-up guy who brings some veteran leadership to an extremely young blue line, and we traded him away for a 5th rounder…

    As far as Zubie goes, well, better trade him now and get somethign for him then keep him till the end and lose him for nothing. And some of us are hoping he’ll resign in July.

    It would be nice if we traded off some of these draft picks for some decent players. And it would pretty much be financial suicide if GMGM and Ted don’t go after some big FAs this summer.

  16. Hewie Fan Says:

    Hewie will be sorely missed…I know he loved the community, players and fans, and offered a great deal to this team. He is Assistant Coach material after retirement, but GM GM had to pull the trigger to get something in return.

    Hewie had been asked to mould the younger D into NHL defencemen, but they didn’t have much talent to work with. Perhaps this deal came 1 year too soon….unless he asked to be moved, as his minutes have fallen greatly since his facial injury.

    I often watch the game stats, and find he’s rarely out for a goal scored against, and if he is…is usually covering for his D partner’s mistake…..Good Luck big guy….hopefully you’ll get to 400 career games in LA.

  17. Bill S. Says:

    Zubrus was a deal that had to be made. He’s one of these players that is always on the verge of greatness, but never plays to his potential. The way he finished last season it looked like the Caps’ patience was going to pay off, but this year he was the same ol’ Zubie. Sure, he’s a good player….good enough to play in the NHL. But he’s hit the wall and yet will be wanting more money come July. When you have a new team that is growing (and the Caps are definitely improving) then your players have to move up or move out. He won’t be missed next year as long as Backstrom shows up.

  18. Craig Baker Says:

    I believe the deal to move Heward is negligible at best… I mean, do we really see our future centered or even supported by an aging sub par defenseman such as Heward as we rebuild? I agree, he’s been a positive influence to the younger players and the community from what I’ve read but this deal, to me, isn’t even worth mentioning. What we get is a draft pick which has the potential to blossom into a gem as we’ve seen with so many other late round picks over the years… For instance, Peter Bondra was a late round pick.. I think 8th rounder and look at what he turned out to be… As for the Zubrus deal,… a first round pick (which gives us leverage for future moves in FA) for what would be nothing come May seems to be a no brainer to me.

    Look, this team is young… filled with more future talent than any other team in the league and now we’re poised to add to this talent pool and select the right veterans to assist in the development process going forward. As for the comments I’ve seen about our coaching, Glen is doing a fantastic job considering what he’s working with. Keep in mind, early this season while we were healthy, we were one of the most competitive clubs in the league able to play with anyone. But of course, key injuries coupled with our lack of veteran depth caused the demise of this season.. but, were we really expecting to compete for the Cup this season anyway? This project is right on target as far as I’m concerned and I’ve never been as excited to be a Caps fan as I am now…. okay, ’98 was pretty damn exciting but you’ve got to admit, our future looks bright!

  19. Linds Says:

    Heward wasn’t young, 36. But he was a strong presence in the locker room. Zubrus wasn’t amazing, but he worked hard, and he really helped Ovie out a lot with a ton of assists. I’m hoping we get a few new somewhat experienced players this summer… I live in TX now and my parents are moving out of the DC area in a few years, but I’ve been an overly obsessed Caps fan for over 14 years and I was hoping I’d never consider having a different favorite team. Thanks for the laugh, Matt T. The Caps are improving, but a lot of their troubles were injuries this year and a lack of depth, and I for one am more than slightly happy that Muir is coming back to the line-up from injury. I really think it’s important that the Caps get some kind of experienced leadership into this locker room before it’s populated with kids younger than me! I love Olie to death, I remember his first few games with the Caps…but the truth of the matter is that he’s going to retire in a few years, and it takes more than a few years to get leadership and experience like he has.

  20. John Says:

    Sk84Fun says it all. I can’t stand all of these Caps “fans” that are saying they are going to root for a different team if they don’t make the moves the fans want. GET A CLUE PEOPLE!!!If you are that upset, root for a different team now. Spare all of the real fans the crying and whining. Is it time to change all of your diapers?

  21. DrillSSG Says:

    Way to put it John, if you are truly a Caps fan you would stick by your team no matter what, that’s what being a fan is about. The way I see it GM and Ted didn’t get to be where they are by being stupid, and theyt only want to see the Caps win, just like the rest of us.

  22. Matt T. Says:

    The future in Washington may be bright, and I agree with a few of the deals we made, but I’m sorry, the Zubrus trade still bothers me. Ovie and Zubrus had lots of chemistry and Zubrus was finally showing why he was drafted so high. If you look at where he’s been in his career, Alex is the first guy with star power that he has got to skate with in his career. Plus, it’s not like the Caps didn’t have the cap room to resign him.

    Also, I wouldv’e much rather seen Muir traded for the bag of pucks that Heward was traded for. Muir is slow and doesn’t really fit into the “new” NHL. I’ve seen Muir play a lot in Hershey and in the NHL and quite frankly all he has is some size and a heavy shot. He is often caught out of possition and gets burned. I definitely think Mike Green deserves to be in the NHL. Also, if anyone can answer this question for me, I’d appreciate it. Is Mike Green going to be able to be on Hershey’s playoff roster or did he play too many games in the NHL?

    I am happy that we got something now for our UFA, but really, does anyone think the Caps are gonna actually use some of their cap space in the off-season to sign anyone worth a darn? The past few off-seasons would tell me no. In the past couple of seasons the only guy that we got in free agency that actually earned the money we gave them was Robert Lang and we traded him away ( thankfully though we got Flash in that deal). Jagr was a bust, Jeff Freisen sucked, Andrew Cassels was a waste, Zednik was a waste of cap room, i mean need I go on? It’s pretty bad when the best off-season deal last year was signing Brashear. I was never a big fan of his do to my udder hate for the Flyers, but he has been a pleasant surprise and I’m glad we re-signed him.

    I hope now with some of these picks we got, the front office seriously looks into using one of them on some goaltending depth. Don’t get me wrong, i love Olie and Brent, but neither of them are spring chickens anymore. Cassivi is great, but he’s also not a young goalie. Max Daigneault in Hershey is a solid young goalie, but he’s not ready for the NHL yet, and Machesney doesn’t impress me.

    Here’s hoping the Caps can play spoiler this year for some teams and hopefully the off-season will bring us some talent. God knows we need depth at Center, Defense, and Goal, and hopefully we can fill some of those holes.

  23. savage Says:

    Maybe the GM thinks that our “D” will be ready by next year. Many of the guys have improved a lot. We must remember that most of them were in the minors last year and rarely saw NHL ice-time.

    I thought Heward was solid, and added to the team. But we do get something for him (I thought we should have got more, but…) and we may have let him go next year if our defense progresses. We really do have a number of players who a ready or near ready for next year.

    When you look at the people we traded tha last couple of years, it appears to me as if we got the better of most of those trades. We acquired some decent guys, and none of the people we gave up has had anything like a break-out year.

    On the Zednik and Zubrus trades, I think we got good quality in return for giving up only 6 weeks of hockey until they need new contracts. We had to resign both of them to keep them, and trading them for the picks this year with the potential of signing them next year was not bad for the picks and people we got. Heward was the one that really concerned me (a “conditional pick”??? WTF).

  24. Dan Nelson Says:

    Through The Bears and what they have in Washington the caps are building a solid team, They lack at Centre, and I think other than that maybe one goaltending move will be made, but the summer will probably be quiet

  25. Matt T. Says:

    savage, u said the caps have dmen who are ready or almost ready. i was wondering who that is? we allready know green and schultz are ready. eminger and morrisson are due for even better things, and pothier is very reliable. but now comes the question of who else is really nhl ready?? jamie hunt isn’t there yet. dean arsene is probably not ever gonna get his shot. tyler sloan isn’t ready by a long shot, and trevor byrne isn’t nhl quality. what the caps need to do is go out this summer and spend a little money and get a defenseman with the ability to skate and shoot the biscut. right now they don’t really have that. they will in a year or two, but not next season, unless they go out and sign someone. heck they could even trade for someone. clymer really hasn’t been that great this season. pettinger who i love could bring us a decent player in return as could sutherby, who in my book has been a disappointment this year. i think our front office will step up and sign zubrus in the offseason. i think they have to, but if ovie keeps throwing out 4 point games without him, maybe they wont sign him.

    in hershey there has been a lot of people who think next season that steckel and bourque will be in the capitals lineup, and i for one think they both deserve to be there. i also think that fehr has played his way into the caps plans for next season, and so has schultz, green, and flash.

  26. DrinkingPartner Says:

    Drury, York, Sydor, Niinimaa, and Souray would all make great free agent signings. Could you imagine a 1-2 punch of Drury-Ovechkin and Backstrom-Semin, or vice versa? York is a second line center max. Sydor and Niinimaa would both make good experienced additions to the backline that would also serve to mentor Green, Schultz, Pokulok, and Eminger. Souray would sign on to be our #1 defenseman. I would personally go after Drury and Souray/Niinimaa the hardest, even though I know that they’re going to be difficult contracts. But, beyond this, we have, so far, 4 picks in the top 60, and most likely a top-5 again, so we may even have another able body or two to make our team more competitive.

    I’m holding out judgment on the trades thus far, though. i’m interested to see Novotny in action, and, frankly, after last night’s overall performance, I think this team is going to be fine. Depending on our free agency, i think next year will be a playoff year.

  27. DrinkingPartner Says:

    Also, the Capitals goaltending future looks very bright. Varlamov went to the gold medal game at the WJC this year with at least 2 or 3 shutouts, and Neuvirth is playing well in the OHL (I believe, maybe WHL) as an 18 year old. Varlamov, for those who don’t remember, was taken with the second pick, after Backstrom, in 06, with Neuvirth only about 10 picks after that. The draft we need this year needs to be centers, right wings, and, as always, defense.

    Oh, and i believe Green is able to play for Hershey because he was on Hershey’s roster on the 27th (of February).

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