Deadline Day, High Noon

Yes, the Caps and Zubrus are still talking. And movement is being made. But whether there is enough time remaining to close the gap that remains is questionable. Remember, the Caps need time to firm up/finalize a trade if they can’t sign Zubrus. So at some point soon, a deadline must be issued on one side or the other.

Billy Guerin to San Jose, possibly in a three-way deal.

Heard rumblings of a Jagr deal yesterday, but didn’t even bother passing them along. Is there anyone out there who would be fool enough to hijack their team at this team. More to come, as always.

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One Comment on “Deadline Day, High Noon”

  1. Matt Says:

    Atlanta might be foolish enough to get Jagr after giving up their future for Tkachuk. They look really stupid after now seeing that the sharks only had to give up one 1st round draft pick for Guerin. Nice move, Wadell !

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