Deadline Day, 1:15 p.m.

The Good Ship Blueshirt is going nose down in the Atlantic. The Rangers have sent defenseman Aaron Ward to Boston, no word on the return yet. Ward had a little spat with Captain Bligh (Jaromir Jagr) a few weeks back. Since no one in their right mind would relieve the Rangers of Jagr’s contract, off goes Ward. He’s a little pricey ($2.75 mil for next season) but he will fit in well with the Bruins. I guess Glen Sather pulled the trigger on that one from Edmonton where he is in town for the Mark Messier ceremonies tonight.

As to Matt’s questions asked on the comments, certainly the possibility exists that Jamie Heward and/or Bryan Muir could be on the move today. Defensemen are in demand at this time of year, and both players would be usable commodities for contenders looking to add backline depth. As to the other question, the defense will sort itself out after the events of today.

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25 Comments on “Deadline Day, 1:15 p.m.”

  1. Caitie Says:

    Thanks for all the updates so far Mike
    What do you think will happen if a Zubrus deal takes place. Which teams do you think would want Zubrus? and who could we get in return.

  2. Matt Says:

    Thanks for the response Mike. I have to agree on the Marco Sturm extension. i don’t think he’s worth 3.5 million a year and i really don’t think Zubrus is either. This takes nothing away from him as I’ve seen him mature and become a leader on this team. But with Ovechkin and Semin commanding large salary increases in the next couple years, I just don’t think it would be wise to give Zubrus 3.5 million. He might be a first line center on our team but probably not on the elite teams. Shipping him to a team like Detroit or Buffalo would make sense but i guess time will tell.

    One more note: The avalanche have done nothing….i am quite surprised. I acutally thought Biron was going there until i heard it was philly

  3. kenhockey Says:

    Why can’t the Caps and Zubrus compromise on a 4 year deal? Isn’t there any give on either side?

  4. sk84fun Says:

    Kenhockey – Why do you assume that the sides have not already compromised, perhaps as much as they are willing to at this time, perhaps not? We only know what is being reported via beat writers, staff writers, etc., not the details of the negotiations; seems to me there has already been movement from the original terms we heard leaked from at least one side of the table.

    2 hours and counting (I added some time since trades sometimes get announced after 3pm)

    any news yet on the return for Ward?

  5. Scott Says:

    At Hewards’ age, will he garner anything except for a 4th-7th round pick? And what about Muir, he was dreadful last season, and after starting out great this year, got injured and has been little or no use to the Caps…are they just dumping for the sake of off-season cap room now…?

    BTW — any word if the Blackhawks are willing to part with Bondra? At least that would fill some Verizon center seats for the rest of the year?!?

  6. Helge Says:

    so what about zubrus? traded for some picks?

    i hope they keep heward…

  7. kenhockey Says:

    Good point, sk84fun. You may very well be correct. One thing for sure, both sides will spin it towards their own objectives.

  8. Matt Says:

    Zuburs is definitely on his way out. Tarik over at Caps Insider said zubrus was told not to report to todays morning skate and he even considered cleaning out his locker before going home. Talks have stalled and it doesn’t look good

  9. John Palermino Says:

    The caps have already dealt Zednik for a pick and Nycholat for a late pick and a minor leaguer.

    So my question is,
    Do you think that the caps are going to pick up an impact player in one of their trades or just trade for some more draft picks?

  10. Matt Says:

    an impact player for what ? the offseason so he can work on his golf game ?

    I think we would all love to get an impact player but we are obviously stockpiling young players and draft picks for the upcoming years. Only chance of an impact player is during FA this summer and i wouldn’t count on it unless they clear up some cap room. They can start with Zubrus

  11. Helge Says:

    paul mara was dealt for aaron ward

  12. Eric Says:

    I think that Heward has done an outstanding job of helping to organize the Capitals defense, and he adds quite a bit of depth and experience to an otherwise fairly young group. It would be a shame to lose him, but then again, if he could be on a team that has Stanley Cup contention, then that would be a good thing for him.

    With regard to Zubrus, I had been reading that while he is a power forward and would be a good trade prospect for a team looking to pursue the playoffs, that chances of trading him were slim because of concerns that Ovechkin would be upset by this trade. Is that the case, or was this just someone’s opinion?

  13. pauliina Says:

    unless u havent noticed Matt, zubrus is one of the better players in this team. Trading him would be extremely stupid. they should start getting rid of the not so good players first before going to the good ones who actually perform. nd for the capitals taking in new young ones isnt gonna do any good. in the end all they’re gonna have is a bunch of newbies who doesnt know what theyre doing on the ice!

  14. John Palermino Says:

    I see your point matt. The caps are long out of contention.

    They did free up salary space in the Zednik trade, though.

  15. Caitie Says:

    Zubrus needs to be traded. The Caps need someone who can actually set Ovechkin up and be a playmaker.

  16. Matt Says:

    I have noticed Paulina. I have been a season ticket holder for almost 15 years now and am quite aware of what Zubrus can offer. And it isn’t worth 3 or 3.5 million, especially not for 4 or 5 years. If you want the caps to resign ovechkin and semin to long term deals (if they don’t do it, someone esle will), then you ship zuby and free up some cap room

  17. Abbi67 Says:

    GR8, let Zubie Go!

    But can we sign Ovie after next year, or wil he and his mother fly the coup and go to a more visible team?

    Most likely he will be a Restricted Agent Right?!

    God, I miss those days when we used to finish 1 st or second and lose in the first round. Lets make the dang playoffs.

  18. Rob Says:

    I think Heward will be moved, but I hope they can figure out some way to keep Zubrus.

    As much as I hated to see Zednik go (I was a Zed Head), we gave up a 3rd round pick to get him and got a 2nd in return. I can live with that.

  19. Mark Says:

    Zubie to Buffalo for Novotny and 1st rounder

  20. Matt Says:

    I called it. I told you it would be Buffaol

  21. pauliina Says:

    but much of ovechkins succes has to do with zubrus. they play good together nd they have chemistry. Zubie always tries to make plays for ovechkin. Ofc i want ovechkin to stay but i think he needs zubrus. im a little biased cause hes my favorite cap nd dont want to see him leave dc but i really dont think tradin him will help the caps.

  22. Matt Says:

    too late now Paulina. Whats done is done. Sorry

    I just heard that Bertuzzi is on his way to Detroit. Very interesting

  23. Jeroen Says:

    With Zubrus and Zednik gone, and Clark hurting, it’s going to be very interesting to see how the Caps handle our top two lines tonight!

  24. Helge Says:

    nicklas backstroem will be the number 1 center next year !!!

  25. C-A-P-S Says:

    What a bad deal. If GMGM could not find a way to meet in the middle on that negotiation thats just pathetic.

    And what do we get in return? Another 3rd/4th liner and essentially a 2nd round pick.

    Wow, just what we needed. I am going to put Novotny right next to Clymer, Laich, Gordon, Klepis, Beech, Brash, Suts, Bradley and Petty. Nice… 10 players best suited for 6 forwards spots.

    Well, with all that money saved they certainly have no excuse to put away the purse during free agency, but alas I think they will…

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