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Heward to L.A.

February 27, 2007

As you may know now, the final deal of the day from a Washington standpoint sends defenseman Jamie Heward to the Los Angeles Kings for a conditional pick in the 2008 NHL Entry Draft.

The Caps will dress a lineup of seven defensemen and 11 forwards tonight, with Bryan Muir being the seventh defenseman. He will likely be used almost exclusively on the power play.

George McPhee held a press conference of about nine minutes here at Verizon Center this afternoon after all the dust settled, and the audio and video of that conference will be posted ASAP, along with the podcast from today’s Pre-Cap show.

In addition to the Heward deal, the Hershey Bears obtained winger Scott Barney on loan from the Grand Rapids Griffins in exchange for winger Jonas Johansson.


Pre-Cap in a Few

February 27, 2007

We’ll be going live with the Pre-Cap podcast in a few minutes. Normally a pregame show, we’ll use it to go over the deals that have been done and the ones the trickle through while we’re on the air.

Tick Tock

February 27, 2007

I’ve only been in here for about 90 minutes, but George has talked to probably half of his peers from around the league in that time. He makes a lot of calls, he receives a lot of calls.

One more deal just got done here under the wire. It will be announced once it passes the NHL’s sniff test. A few other possibilities look like they’ve dried up.

Deadline Day, 2:30 p.m.

February 27, 2007

Sorry for the lack of updates over the last hour, as you no doubt know by now, Dainius Zubrus is a member of the Buffalo Sabres. He and defenseman Timo Helbling went to Buffalo for the Sabres’ No. 1 pick in 2007 and center Jiri Novotny, a former first-round choice. The Caps got more for Zubrus than St. Louis got for Billy Guerin.

I’ve been in the Caps’ war room with George McPhee and the scouting staff here, at George’s invitation, for the last hour-plus. It’s been quite an enlightening experience, and I’ll write more about it when I get a chance. The phone calls are still going back and forth in here, with less than 30 minutes to go until deadline.

The Caps still have a few irons in the fire here, so another deal or two may materialize.

Deadline Day, 1:15 p.m.

February 27, 2007

The Good Ship Blueshirt is going nose down in the Atlantic. The Rangers have sent defenseman Aaron Ward to Boston, no word on the return yet. Ward had a little spat with Captain Bligh (Jaromir Jagr) a few weeks back. Since no one in their right mind would relieve the Rangers of Jagr’s contract, off goes Ward. He’s a little pricey ($2.75 mil for next season) but he will fit in well with the Bruins. I guess Glen Sather pulled the trigger on that one from Edmonton where he is in town for the Mark Messier ceremonies tonight.

As to Matt’s questions asked on the comments, certainly the possibility exists that Jamie Heward and/or Bryan Muir could be on the move today. Defensemen are in demand at this time of year, and both players would be usable commodities for contenders looking to add backline depth. As to the other question, the defense will sort itself out after the events of today.

Deadline Day, 12:45 p.m.

February 27, 2007

The Guerin swap turned out not to be a three-way. The Sharks are making a game go of it, having swapped two first-rounders in the last three days. San Jose GM Doug Wilson has always had a knack for trading up on draft day, and moving those picks may make his patented move a bit more tricky this June.

Pittsburgh added a couple back end forwards in Roberts and Laraque, and now they make some room back there by shipping Dominic Moore to Minnesota for a third-rounder. That’s good return for a checking line player, albeit a very capable one.

No updates on the Zubrus front, but my gut says it will be a trade rather than an extension.

Deadline Day, High Noon

February 27, 2007

Yes, the Caps and Zubrus are still talking. And movement is being made. But whether there is enough time remaining to close the gap that remains is questionable. Remember, the Caps need time to firm up/finalize a trade if they can’t sign Zubrus. So at some point soon, a deadline must be issued on one side or the other.

Billy Guerin to San Jose, possibly in a three-way deal.

Heard rumblings of a Jagr deal yesterday, but didn’t even bother passing them along. Is there anyone out there who would be fool enough to hijack their team at this team. More to come, as always.