Gordo and the Guns

Talked a bit with Boyd Gordon after today’s morning skate. Gordon is obviously known mostly for his defensive prowess, which seems to grow greater by the game. But he put up his fair share of points during his junior hockey days with the WHL’s Red Deer Rebels, and he actually started his NHL career as the center on a line with Jaromir Jagr.

Tonight, Gordon will begin the evening between Alexander Semin and Matt Pettinger, a pair of guys with good speed and good shots who have both scored 20 goals in a season in this league. I wondered whether Gordon would need to adjust his style at all to play with Semin and Pettinger.

“I think Alex is really talented, and the more he can get the puck in his hands in the offensive zone, the better it is for us. You can’t really change too much. I don’t want to be throwing long passes and turning the puck over, but in the same sense I maybe have to look for them a little bit more than I normally would someone else, because he and Petty can both shoot the puck so well.”

I reminded Gordon that he once played with Jagr.

“Yeah, that was a while ago,” he said. “But it was kind of similar to play with someone that skilled. You just try to get the puck to them and get open, and that’s what I will try to do tonight.”

With Red Deer, Gordon learned under the tutelage of Brent Sutter, who helped hone his defensive acumen. But Gordon’s defensive molding actually pre-dated his days with the Rebels.

“I think it started from a young age,” he said. “My dad was always my coach, and he always stressed playing two ways. I think Sutter was a big influence on me. He was always a defense-first guy, but he believed that if you played good defense you would create a lot of offense from it, just from being in good position. I think those have been the two biggest influences in my hockey career, for sure.”

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4 Comments on “Gordo and the Guns”

  1. Jeroen Says:

    While it’s hard to argue against Semin getting CSN’s Man of the Match honors, Gordon definitely put in his fair share of work tonight vs. the Canes! It would have been a different outcome without him; I’m glad we have this guy 🙂

  2. Gordon had an excellent game tonight and could of easily had 2 goals.

    Capital Fanatic


  3. GreenFan52 Says:

    This guy is amazing.. All the effort and hard work he puts into the game..Everyday.. he is working like he has soemthing to prove… He has nothing to prove to us Caps fans! We are glad to have a great player that brings this kind of play. Keep it up Boyd….

  4. NoDoubtAboutIt Says:

    THANK GOD The Caps Sent Klepis Down, He Def. Overstayed His Welcome. Hopefully He Comes Back With Some Talent That Can Help The Club Win Games. WHO’S WITH ME!?

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