Washington Monument

These last few Capitals road trips haven’t been the same. We’re missing a key member of our often merry band of traveling media. The incomparable Dave Fay of The Washington Times, dean of Washington hockey writers, baron of the beat, has been absent from the road games of late, and now he will be absent from the home games for a while, too. Dave is undergoing cancer surgery tomorrow, and all our thoughts, prayers and best wishes are headed in his direction. It’s not the same without him, and we need him back soon.

Dave has been fighting the fight for a number of years now, and has often held the upper hand. That says a lot about what a tough dude he is. The opponent is starting to rally, and Dave is now looking to answer back in the same fashion.

He is missed by players, media, staff and fans alike. Get well soon, Dave. We’re anxiously awaiting the return of your acerbic wit, your cantankerous nature, your lethal coffee cup and your daily missives. We’ll save you a seat.

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2 Comments on “Washington Monument”

  1. dee4077 Says:

    Well said, Mike.

    Joe and Craig mentioned it on the broadcast last night, too.

    Get better Dave – the ice cream vendor is losing money!! 🙂

  2. KingClancyKolzig Says:

    I sit relatively close to the press box for every home game.

    At the last Atlanta game, there were a entire gaggle of people standing up/finding their seats during play. From behind me I hear “SIT DOWN, IDIOTS!” I knew immediately who it was and I couldn’t have agreed more.

    Well said, Sir. Get well soon!

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