Klepis In Against the Team that Drafted Him

Yesterday’s Game Day preview over on the Caps’ main site (washingtoncaps.com, you know, the paying gig) made note of some lineup adjustments for the Capitals as they prepare to take on the Senators tonight in Ottawa.

At yesterday’s practice here, Jakub Klepis sported the yellow sweater, meaning he was the guy who did not figure to be in the lineup tonight. Today however, it is Kris Beech who is out for tonight’s game. Klepis will skate with Alexander Semin and Donald Brashear.

The Caps have struggled to find a viable option at the second line center slot all season long. The Sens are a speedy team, and Klepis brings a bit more speed and skill to the table. Hopefully tonight Klepis will be motivated by the twin factors of having sat out the last several games and playing against the team that drafted him. The Sens chose Klepis (16th overall) one pick before the Caps took Boyd Gordon (17th overall) in the first round of the 2002 NHL Entry Draft.

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2 Comments on “Klepis In Against the Team that Drafted Him”

  1. KEYS Says:

    That is a good call. Klepis is quick and aggressive like Zednik and can assist the shooters well. Brash is showing he is a lot more than the Grinder. He’s been passing well, moving the puck well and isn’t afraid to move in and take what’s there. He deserves to move up in the line. Then there is Semin. Semin, if he can slow down just a hair, and not skate past the puck or miss the puck when shooting, pass it to the correct player, and still shoot those amazing goals he can be the leader of the second line. I think if you put those three together the way they are clicking along, we should see some good results.

  2. CapsChick Says:

    It’ll be interesting to see how this plays out. I’m not sold on Klepis just yet – he has a tendency to have bad turnovers and he seems to get pushed off the puck pretty easily. Having said that, Beech has been pretty ineffective over the last few weeks, starting great plays but being unable to finish them off for whatever reason…it may help to have someone with Klepis’s speed out there with someone as quick as Semin.

    And who knows, maybe Semin’s recent successes will rub off on Jakub. Stranger things have happened…

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