The Latest From MSG

Steve Eminger, Brian Sutherby and Matt Pettinger are all on the ice for warm-ups as I type this. I’m told that Pettinger will play, Sutherby likely will not, and Eminger’s status will be determined as soon as he comes offthe ice from warm-ups. Mike Green is out sick and is back at the hotel along with Brent Johnson.

My guess for tonight’s line combos is as follows: Ovechkin-Zubrus-Clark, Semin-Beech-Pettinger, Laich-Gordon-Clymer and Brashear-Steckel-Klepis. That could change if Sutherby is able to play.

On defense, Morrisonn-Pothier, Heward-Helbling and Nycholat-Eminger. If Eminger can’t go, Jamie Hunt is in.

Daren Machesney must be having a blast about now. The Caps’ sudden and emergent backup goaltender is out there taking shots from the likes of Alex Ovechkin and Alexander Semin, in Madison Square Garden. All this just weeks after his 20th birthday and less than 24 hours after recording his first AHL win in his first AHL start. Had a little chat with him before the game, and he is pretty relaxed. He was doing some work on his brand-new mask, one that features a growling Bear and a capital dome. He sported that one in warm-ups just now; he wore a different one last night in Albany.

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One Comment on “The Latest From MSG”

  1. GoBucks9 Says:

    Mike, we need a good write up on this one – too much going on to tell from TV. Is the NHL going to continue to allow these cheap shots on AO? If Nicol got 9, whats Orr get? 15? 20?

    I am sure in their(NHL’s) infinite wisdom Brash will get 5 games.

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