Brashear is Out

No word on the injury/illness, but Donald Brashear is out of the Washington lineup tonight. Alexandre Giroux is in, presumably to skate on a line with Brooks Laich and Jakub Klepis.

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3 Comments on “Brashear is Out”

  1. Hampus Says:

    Go Giroux!! Let’s hope he scores some goals and show Caps that he wants to play there..!

  2. fatdaddy Says:

    Well, that was a stinker last night. The telecast sucked. Giroux didn’t show much, but that probably has a lot to do with the fact that his team mates took the night off.

    Why did they take the night off? I don’t know, but every team lays an egg now and then – let’s hope last night was a one-off incident and they got it out of their system. Now would be a bad time to get cold.

    At least the “secondary scoring” resurfaced, and some guys besides the big guns got involved.

    I have a new respect for John Erskine – the Bolts penned the Caps in their own end for what seemed like hours at a time, and walked to the circles or the front of the net at will.

  3. Jeroen Says:

    I hope they give Giroux a second shot before sending him back down, he seemed to do pretty well on the otherwise-disorganized team. Perhaps a better flowing game will give him a little more opportunity to show his stuff!

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