The Great Eight

Before I head out of Giant Center tonight, I will leave you with this missive cut and pasted from an e-mail I received from the estimable Nate Ewell, the Caps’ director of media relations:

Alex Ovechkin broke a stick Saturday night. Nothing newsworthy there, as you know if you’ve been following the Caps of late.

He also scored a goal. Again, you can keep those presses running.

With his 18th of the season in the bag, Ovechkin exited the ice at the end of the first and went on the headset for an interview with Comcast SportsNet’s Craig Laughlin. With the tough questions answered, he headed back to the locker room, only to have his progress stopped by the mites on ice leaving the playing surface.

Ovechkin slipped past the last of the kids as if he were a flat-footed defenseman (folks in Philly can recognize those, it seems). He darted, not to the locker room, but to the stick rack, where he retrieved the better half of his broken stick. It was about as long as the twig in the hand of the last mite, and Alex ran back down the hallway and tugged at the last player’s jersey with the blade of the stick. Once he had his attention, he handed over the stick.

“Wow,” said the cameraman who had just finished the interview. “That’s cool. That’s going to be a family heirloom.”

Cool indeed. But come to think of it, for those of us in D.C. who have seen Ovechkin on a regular basis, it’s a familiar sight. Probably about as newsworthy as a broken stick.

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4 Comments on “The Great Eight”

  1. Gustafsson Says:

    These are the gems we would not find in the papers….. or anywhere else, for that matter.

    Keep em comming…. we love this stuff.

    How can you not like Ovechkin, esp after hearing about off ice happenings such as this.

    There are some kids in Philly who are now BIG Ovechkin fans.


  2. […] When you know of a great story, you want to share it. Mike Vogel, Senior Writer for the Washington Capitals, has one such story on his blog, Dump and Chase. We won’t quote all of it on our blog. You should read it for yourself on his. We will tell you it starts with, “Alex Ovechkin broke a stick Saturday night. Nothing newsworthy there, as you know if you’ve been following the Caps of late. […]

  3. nikodemos Says:

    It’s good to know that fame and fortune doesn’t get to everybody’s head. The fact that he can remain grounded and throughtful speaks highly of his character.

  4. Magicpasha Says:

    I have met the Ovechins(Mama Papa and Misha) and can say with confidence that they are class acts! Although I have not me Alex yet, I would Imagine that the apple does not fall far from the tree.

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