Late Changes

Dainius Zubrus is unable to go tonight; he is ill. Jakub Klepis will be in the lineup in his place. As reported earlier today on the Pre-Cap podcast, Matt Bradley has returned to Ontario for his grandfather’s funeral. Bradley will be replaced in tonight’s lineup by Donald Brashear, who returns to the lineup tonight after having served his three-game suspension for instigating a fight with Atlanta’s Vitaly Vishnevski on Nov. 22. Jamie Heward is back in the lineup tonight too, replacing Bryan Muir who skated in Tuesday’s win over the Lightning at Tampa Bay.

Mike Smith will be in goal tonight for Dallas.

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2 Comments on “Late Changes”

  1. fatdaddy Says:

    Good to see Zednik light the lamp last night, on a pretty breakout. I think it was Laich that fed him the pass? If he can continue to do that, he’ll be a valuable commodity to this team. He showed a lot of heart breaking through the opponent’s check.

    Also good to see Semin put one on the board. I think that’s goals in consecutive games for him?

    Those two guys can be streaky scorers – now would be a nice time for them to get hot.

    I’ve heard a lot of talk about Dallas being tired and having slow legs last night. I’m not buying it. they’re a good team, and beating a good team is a good sign for the Caps.

    Finally, I think the Caps connected on two PP’s? That’s outstanding. Hopefully they will get Buffalo in the middle of being real hot.

  2. acap1066 Says:

    I was very happy to see last night’s performance against Dallas. The rest of the season looks very promising if the caps can play more games like they had last night against a good team.

    I think Alexander Semin will be the key to success for the rest of the season, being the second scoring threat besides Alexander Ovechkin. I would like to see the same type of puck movement from the caps that lead to Semin’s goal last night.

    Hope Ovechkin get’s over the mental part of the penalty shot. He seems to be thinking too much on these type of shots as evidenced in last night’s attempt.

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