Johnny in Goal

Brent Johnson will be in goal for Washington against Toronto tonight, getting his first home start of the season. The Caps will go back to Olie Kolzig for Saturday’s game against the Islanders in New York. Although the standard practice is to give the starter the home game and the backup the road game of back-to-back tilts, varying the routine makes sense in this case. Kolzig has always had great success against the Islanders while Johnson has not. And Toronto has given Kolzig fits from time to time, going back to when he was a teenager in 1989.

Aside from the Alex Ovechkin-Dainius Zubrus-Chris Clark combo, the forward lines will be reshuffled a bit tonight as well. Jakub Klepis will center for Matt Pettinger and Eric Fehr. Boyd Gordon is between Matt Bradley and Richard Zednik, and Kris Beech is back in the lineup to play between Brooks Laich and Ben Clymer. There is a good bit of balance to those units, let’s see if they can get the Caps’ offense rolling again. Washington has managed just seven goals during its current four-game losing streak (0-2-2).

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5 Comments on “Johnny in Goal”

  1. Absaraka Says:

    Well, you can now make that eight goals during its current five-game losing streak. 😦

    When the Leafs scored their fifth goal while the PA guy was still announcing the points for their third, I knew it was going to be one of those long nights at the Phone Booth. A few pushes and shoves, to be sure, but the Caps weren’t in the mood to take any more suspensions. Meanwhile the Leafs, to their everlasting credit–did I just type that?–weren’t about to rub it in. Not that they needed to rub it in: they won the game going away, which was more than sufficient.

    Silver lining: at least we’re getting this losing thing out of our system in November, instead of collapsing in March.

    That said, I hope Coach Hanlon makes a few more shake-ups tomorrow night. Whatever he was trying for tonight evidently wasn’t clicking.

  2. TheJoker Says:

    What is the deal with the 5 game skid?? they were playing well about 2 weeks ago, why can’t they just keep things the way they were when they were winning? how are lines supposed to build chemistry when the coach keep changing the lines?? Hey Mike, can you shine some light in this area b/c obviously someone in the picture isn’t pulling their weight. Is it the coach? players? GM not making any moves? Bad luck? I can take a tough loss but it seems they’ve been getting blown out lately and that sucks.

  3. fatdaddy Says:

    Well, it looks like I picked a good time to leave town – I missed the worst of the skid.

    Nice to see the Caps get back on track.

    Why do teams slump? If you could answer that, you’d be a rich man. Every team goes through stretches where they can’t score, and they go through stretches where everything they throw at the net finds a hole. I have no idea why, but I know it happens at every level of every sport.

    Let’s hope the Caps have gotten their slump out of their system. When Beech and Gordon score for you, you know you’re living right. And Semin got back in the action!

    Go Caps Go!!

  4. Matt, Ohio Says:

    Is the blog dead?

  5. Scott Says:

    I miss you. come back.

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