Brash Gets Three

I’ve just been informed that the events in last night’s Caps-Thrashers game have led to a three-game suspension for Washington’s Donald Brashear. No other suspensions are forthcoming for the Caps, and I don’t know whether Atlanta will incur any suspensions. Supposedly, some fines are also forthcoming, and more details on those will be made available later by the league.

Check that, the Caps’ Brian Sutherby and Atlanta’s Scott Mellanby also received a one-game suspension each. Caps coach Glen Hanlon was fined $30,000 and Thrashers’ coach Bob Hartley was fined $10,000.

Interesting that there are no repercussions for Atlanta’s Andy Sutton, who has a history of this sort of thing. More on that a bit later.

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4 Comments on “Brash Gets Three”

  1. TJ Says:

    Jeeze 3 games? Seems a little harsh. That game was an example of what happens when the refs don’t take control of the game. There were allot of uncalled penalties.

    … the thrashers got what they had coming.

  2. HD Says:

    Agree… 3 games?! For what? Instigating a fight?

    It’s not like every player instigating a fight in the league will get suspended so why brashear?
    The newspapers here in Sweden were INCREDIBLY one-sided in their report of the game… caps did this, caps did that…. Total BS if you ask me… =)

    So anyway Mike, a fair bet Caps will be recalling Robitaille for Dec 15? =)

    Peace all…

  3. Netsrak Says:

    I would suspect Brashear got three games in part because he pummeled an opponent (Vitaly Vishnevski) who clearly wanted no part of a tussle with Brashear. Vishnevski skated away from Brashear on the faceoff, and I didn’t seem him even come close to throwing a punch during the entire encounter. In light of this, Brashear’s actions seem especially brutal, and I think the three-gamer is completely warranted.

    As for their being “no repercussions for Atlanta’s Andy Sutton”… Exactly what is the league supposed to punish him for? Missing a hip check? I know he tried to go up high on Mike Green when he realized his hip check was going to miss, but you can’t suspend somebody for landing a glancing blow, can you? Honestly, that was a matter for the referees at the game to handle (perhaps with a roughing penalty or some such thing), but those refs completely failed to police such activities and maintain any semblance of order.

  4. Absaraka Says:

    Normally, I’m the last guy who’d ever take potshots at the officiating crew: theirs is one of the most thankless jobs in sports. They don’t get to skate off the ice when their shift is over, and they also have to do their best to stay out of the way of a very fast game. If anything, they have to be almost as skilled as the players themselves in the skating, conditioning, and reflex departments. And they never have a home crowd advantage.

    All that having been said, last night’s crew did not do its job. I’m not even talking about the disparity of which teams got whistled for what: I’m talking about the crew evidently being unmindful of the bad blood that these two teams have as a matter of course, as well as the Thrashers’ history of dirty play (as you highlighted in another entry). If it takes four faceoffs to stop the fights, and if you’re having to tell the timekeeper to keep the clock running regardless, you’re not controlling the game. There should not have been three fights that quickly, let alone four. Sricter penalties should have been handed out right from jump–against both sides. Some of those early majors should have been match penalties, if for no other reason than to stop the (literal!) bleeding.

    These were the sorts of extracurricular activities which they were trying to do away with, I thought.

    And what was up with that whole “Next time” business coming from Atlanta’s bench capo–sorry, bench BOSS?

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