Skeleton Crew

Not only are Chris Clark and Alexander Semin unable to go tonight in Boston, Dainius Zubrus is out of the lineup, too. Brent Johnson will be in goal. Teams are sometimes able to use situations such as these as a rallying point, but the Caps will be hard-pressed. They have had difficulty creating offense at even strength all week, and now three of their top four scorers are suddenly sidelined.

Not sure what to expect tonight, and I won’t be able to watch it anyway, at least not live. Good luck, boys.

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7 Comments on “Skeleton Crew”

  1. Absaraka Says:

    With the lineup we had tonight, a point for an overtime loss is certainly better than a kick in the head.

    Three days for the guys to rest up (and heal up) for Atlanta. Hope they all get better soon.

  2. HotStover11 Says:

    I was just informed that the Flyers are probably going to trade Forsberg, what do you guys think about the Caps getting him with some room under the salary cap and throwing him on the top line with Ovechkin and Clark. I think as long as he stayed healthy would do well. With that, Zubie could be pushed to the 2nd line to strengthen it, Sutherby to the 3rd line, and Beech on the checking line or visa versa. Klepis would drop out completely. Mind you, this is all hypothetical, for those of you who do not agree who would you rather have via trade? If you agree with the Forsberg opionion, who would you deal to get him? Lets hear your voices Caps FANS!

  3. andrius Says:

    WHAT DO YOU THINK ABOUT GETTING KASPARAITIS,?Kasper is very good defensivly,becuase we need too strenghten our defence.Zubrus is number 1!!!!!!!

  4. HotStover11 Says:

    That doesn’t sound like a bad idea at all. He is an overall decent defenceman but i’m afraid he may be too penalty prone, and we know how the Caps lack skill on the penalty kill. But all in all, might not be a bad pick up condisering the Rangers haven’t seemed too happy with him lately. Might be able to get him at a bargin deal.

    Andrius, who would you give up to get him? (fair trades only please)

  5. HotStover11 Says:

    Just a note, did some research and saw that the Rangers are likely to deal Kasper due to his unhealthy relationship with coach Renny and a team overloaded with defenseman. They say Marek Malik could be on the block as well. But I know as of late he’s played kind of poorly. Let me know what you think about it and who you would deal.

    FYI, just found out recently that Bondra’s still an unrestricted free agent. Caps didn’t want him and his contract demands back. Weird huh?

  6. fatdaddy Says:

    Kasparaitus = no thanks. He’s old, penalty-prone and a me-first guy in general.

    As for Forsberg, sure, who wouldn’t love to have that guy? But the Caps are not going to shell out big money for free agents. Some other team will pull the trigger on a whopper deal, and buy him.

    I was out of town and did not see the games against Carolina and Boston, but I will agree with the comment above: with the injury situation as it is, getting a point on the road is not too shabby.

    However, that’s 3 bad games in a row; they need to get better quick.

  7. andrius Says:

    “am from lithuania,so its a little bit dificult for me to write in english,but I shall try.I think I”ll give them Muir or steve eminger.About Forsberg,he is unreal player,but he is left wing ,but caps already has alex and alex.forsberg is to expensive.We need one ,or better two defensmen,and center,which will play in the second line.

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