Scout Night

It’s Scout Night here in Washington, as 14 scouts from a dozen different teams have requested credentials for tonight’s tilt between the Caps and Thrashers at Verizon. That’s a lot of scouts for any NHL building in November, but some caveats should be issued.

First, just because 14 scouts requested credentials does not mean 14 scouts will show up.

Second, there are two teams in the building on any given night, so some or most or all of the scouts can be in attendance primarily to look at one of the two teams.

Third, pro scouts do much more than just players for possible trades. They look at trends, systems and situations and report back to their employers on the same for intelligence purposes.

Fourth, pro scouts work throughout the season and they generally see a lot of games. They have to be somewhere, and tonight they’re here.

Fifth, it’s my understanding that there were a lot of scouts at the Flyers’ game in Philly last night. If you’ve seen Philly play recently, you won’t find that surprising. The Flyers are at home again tomorrow night, but they’re off tonight. Scouts are hockey guys. If they’re in Philly to take in a couple of games, they’re going to look at a schedule and see if there is a game in Washington or New Jersey or New York (or even Hershey or Wilkes-Barre/Scranton) on the off night in between. Any scout worth his salt (and all the ones I know are) would rather be at a hockey game a couple hours away than spend a night in a Philly (or any other city, for that matter) hotel room.

So there you have it. Just an update. Nothing else earth-shattering from here. The teams are about to take the ice for the opening face-off, and Washington has the same lineup as it had for Monday’s 4-2 win in Calgary.

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One Comment on “Scout Night”

  1. Boromir_Jagr Says:

    You know all they came for was BNL, right?

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