I was just informed by a very good source (Audrius Zubrus) that the look Alex Ovechkin is sporting in the horse photo spread (see prevous post) is actually based on Alexander the Great, not Ben-Hur.

That’s the update. Now the disclaimer. I couldn’t pick A the G or Ben-Hur out of a lineup. I don’t do period flicks, even if they star John Malkovich or Meryl Streep. If it is set before the invention of the automobile, I can’t watch it. I won’t watch it. Makes my wife nuts, but that’s how it is.

Once when I was about eight, I walked through the living room while my dad was watching Ben-Hur. And it was based on that fleeting glimpse/recollection that I had Ovy pegged with a Ben-Hur sort of look.

I am in no way qualified to make and should never have made such an assessment. When it comes right down to it, the only thing I can tell you about Ben-Hur is that he was not related to former Cap Matt Herr.

From now on, we’ll keep it within the last 100 years or so.

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One Comment on “Update/Disclaimer”

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